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Uni-Tankers A/S was established in 1995 as a subsidiary of the United Shipping and Trading Company Ltd. The company is based in Denmark with subsidiaries in Turkey, USA and France and operates a worldwide fleet of large oil and chemical tankers.





In 2014, Uni-Tankers decided to invest in a new voyage management system to improve vessel performance management, data quality, overall efficiency, reporting, and the scalability of critical systems in order to support business growth.

Although Uni-Tankers had a number of criteria for choosing a long-term partner, they saw integration as a make or break issue. Uni-Tankers uses both Navision and Palette accounting software, and knew they wanted to keep those systems.

Veson Nautical’s integration experience was key

Today, the majority of Veson Nautical clients require some sort of integration, such as to third-party accounting systems, trading systems, or market data feeds. “IMOS is an open system for precisely this reason. That allows us to deliver the best overall solutions for our clients. We’ve completed successful integrations with more than 25 different vendors,” says Sean Riley, Chief Operating Officer, Veson Nautical.

We are seeing the benefits of doing it right

“In choosing a new voyage management solution, we wanted to achieve one version of the truth between our Commercial and Finance teams. Seamless integration between the VMS, Navision, and Palette was therefore essential to our success,” said Svend Erik Nielsen, Business Development Manager for Uni-Tankers. The company needed to be absolutely confident that data would flow seamlessly between systems.

“We knew from our industry colleagues that the Veson Nautical team has an impressive track record in orchestrating successful integrations. That expertise was evident from the very beginning of the project when we made critical interface and source data decisions that streamlined the way IMOS, Navision, and Palette connect.”

Svend Erik Nielsen, Business Development Manager, Uni-Tankers A/S

We got the solution we were seeking

Now, data is entered only once and flows seamlessly from Veslink and IMOS into Navision and then to Palette for managing the approval and paying of invoices.  Data can also flow in the reverse direction so that all up-to-date financial data is easily accessible in IMOS.  As a result of this multi-level integration, Uni-Tankers has been able to cut a significant number of days off the time it takes to close the books on voyages for the financial reporting each month.

In addition, Uni-Tankers’ commercial teams are always up to speed on the financial side of the business and can instantly see the status of all their counterparty transactions.

“Finance and Operations are now tightly aligned and can access the same reports on demand. This is only possible because of the integration via IMOS. This level of data integrity makes us more efficient and also sets the stage for our future development,” says Nielsen. “With Veson Nautical, we got the solution and the long-term partner we were looking for.”

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