Freight Risk Management

Elevate Freight Risk Management with an Intuitive, Market-Linked Solution

Amid outsized freight and fuel market volatility, it is more important than ever for maritime shipping stakeholders to proactively manage and mitigate risk. Fluctuations in freight rates, bunker prices, vessel values, and other key variables can significantly impact the commercial shipping P&L. To proactively manage this exposure at scale, organizations require an integrated freight risk management solution.

The Veson IMOS Platform delivers intuitive maritime risk management and FFA software solutions, empowering organizations to insulate themselves against market fluctuations and mitigate risk. With mark-to-market benchmarking, scenario testing, and freight hedging capabilities, organizations can proactively manage freight and fuel exposure for each individual voyage, and fleet-wide. In addition to its freight risk management solutions, the Veson IMOS Platform provides a powerful suite of connected solutions purpose-built for shipowners, operators, commodities traders, and tonnage charterers.

Stat Spot Rate Increase

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The Standard Platform that Propels Maritime Commerce

Accelerating Digital Transformation for the Maritime Industry

Discover how Veson Nautical and the Veson IMOS Platform provide the partnership and platform organizations need to enhance efficiency and profitability.
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Tmb Market Risk Use Case

Use Case

Proactively Measure & Manage Your Market Exposure & Risk

Mitigate Risk & Improve Freight Hedging

In today’s exceedingly volatile market, risk managers and freight traders face significant challenges without an operationally-integrated and market-linked solution. With the Veson IMOS Platform, organizations can properly align contracts, hedge risk, save time, and improve accuracy.
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Proactive Risk Management in a Volatile World

Insulate Your Business Against Market Fluctuations

VIP Trading & Risk improves freight risk management in today’s highly volatile market with dynamic position visibility, advanced scenario testing, comprehensive pricing and benchmarking, and much more.
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