Maritime Data Intelligence

Delivering High-Integrity Data on Bulk Commodity Markets

Maritime shipping generates a massive amount of data, but making the best possible decisions requires access to high-integrity market data. It is critical that this data is accessible to all stakeholders in an intuitive format, enabling key decision makers to unlock tangible value. With an effective digital solution, maritime shipping organizations can surface the right insights at the right points in their workflow to make the most impactful decisions.

As a leader in maritime technology, Veson Nautical delivers comprehensive data solutions built for maritime shipping. The Veson IMOS Platform and the Oceanbolt Platform enable maritime organizations to make the most of their data, with tools like:

  • Access to historical and real-time data around commodity trade flows, freight tonnage flows, live and accurate vessel positions, port congestion, port activity, and turnaround times.
  • Seamless integration capabilities with shipping APIs and SDKs.
  • Robust maritime contract management capabilities, through AIS data, a geospatial database, machine learning, and voyage data.
  • Timely voyage performance data, including vessel tracking capabilities and a dynamic P&L.
  • And more…

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Stat 120m Data Points

The maritime shipping industry generates up to

120 million

data points each day.1

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Surfacing Impactful Insights in an Ocean of Data

Access the Insights that Mean the Most

Unlocking the full value or maritime shipping data requires a clear path to utilization and streamlined access to the most meaningful insights. Learn more about the importance of data in maritime shipping.
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VIP Data Solutions

Information is Power. Integration is Transformative.

By providing access to historical data and delivering robust maritime API and integration capabilities to establish a single source of truth, VIP Data Solutions empower organizations with new efficiency, visibility, and insight.
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Tmb Oceanbolt Benefit Sheet

Benefit Sheet


Powering Data-Driven Decisions. Propelling Maritime Commerce.

By delivering high-integrity insights and AIS analytics around bulk commodities, including coal data, soybean data, and iron ore data, Oceanbolt enables organizations to make more dynamic, data-driven decisions.
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