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Veson Nautical Releases New Data Lake Module

Introduces comprehensive cloud solution to better manage historical data

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About Veson Nautical

Founded to transform the way the maritime world works and makes decisions, Veson is the global market leader in developing, implementing, and supporting the solutions that propel maritime commerce. Driven by a commitment to continual innovation, a spirit of collaboration, and an enduring focus on customer success, Veson is a trusted partner to maritime operations as they navigate evolving business realities and new possibilities in a digital age.

July 14, 2020 – BOSTON, MA – Today, global market leader for commercial maritime software Veson Nautical formally launched VIP Data Lake, the newest module of its innovative cloud solution, the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).  One of VIP’s optional Data Solutions, Data Lake offers a cloud-native, scalable solution that allows users to interact with and download large amounts of data in a highly efficient manner. The module was first announced at Veson’s ONCOURSE user conference, which took place virtually last month.

“In a single day, the maritime shipping industry generates roughly 120 million data points related to contracts, vessel movement, cargo locations, and more,” commented Bill McConnell, Product Manager at Veson Nautical. “Without a proper solution, organizations are not able to effectively analyze their historical data. The Data Lake solution solves that problem by making data in the VIP operational database available on an ongoing basis, in a format compatible with leading data reporting and analytics tools.”

VIP Data Lake is designed handle vast quantities of data at one time, and is compatible with data warehouse, business intelligence and data analytics solutions. By increasing simplifying full access to historical operational data snapshots, Veson seeks to empower its clients to unlock powerful insights and make better, data-driven decisions.

“Many of the conversations we have with our client base center around accessing, securing, and integrating data into downstream applications,” commented Ben Thurecht, CTO at Veson Nautical. “VIP Data Lake allows clients to gain rapid access to all of the data stored in VIP, refreshed on either a daily or hourly basis. That data can then be downloaded and ingested into downstream systems, such as a custom data warehouse solution or a third party application. This allows our customers to retrieve and work with larger quantities of data easier than ever before, which in turn opens up a world of opportunity for extracting valuable insights and supporting decisions with data”

VIP Data Lake joins 16 other modules on the Veson IMOS Platform as an optional Data Solution in the market-leading end-to-end system. The module is available today.