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Veson and Sea/ Collaborate to Streamline Pre-Fixture Workflows

Sea/’s Charter Party Documentation solution, Sea/contracts, is now natively integrated with the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).

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About Sea/

Sea/ is a suite of digital tools-for-trade for the maritime industry which enhance the way shipping professionals work. The Sea/ platform enables traders, charterers, operators, owners, brokers and analysts to make informed decisions and manage freight transactions from start to finish by digitizing workflows. In doing so, it helps all involved to realize efficiencies and unlock commercial opportunities. This is smarter shipping.

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About Veson Nautical

Founded to transform the way the maritime world makes decisions, Veson is the global market leader in developing, implementing, and supporting the solutions that propel maritime commerce. Driven by a commitment to continual innovation, a spirit of collaboration, and an enduring focus on client success, Veson is a trusted partner to maritime operations as they navigate evolving business realities and new possibilities in a digital age.

LONDON, ENGLAND AND BOSTON, MA, USA – 2 November 2021 –  Veson Nautical, the global market leader for commercial maritime software, has collaborated with Sea/, a transformative suite of digital tools which enhance the way shipping professionals work, to streamline pre-fixture activities for mutual clients. Through a secure, native API integration, mutual clients can now opt to flow data seamlessly and intentionally between the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) and Sea/’s charter party documentation solution, Sea/contracts.

With the Veson IMOS Platform – Sea/contracts integration, mutual clients can develop and fix contracts within Sea/contracts and then easily transfer pertinent details into VIP, enabling users to progress their voyage management process. Alternatively, clients can first perform voyage estimates within VIP and evaluate opportunities side by side before committing to a contract negotiation. Once a profitable deal has been identified and a vessel has been chosen, clients can then feed that data into Sea/contracts to agree on terms with their counterparties.

Streamlining the data flow between these two systems enables organizations to optimize both documentation workflows in Sea/contracts and downstream workflows in VIP by helping to ensure contract details are entered immediately and correctly and are visible throughout their lifecycle, thus reducing material exposure, minimizing risk, and cutting out error-prone manual entry. In addition, organizations can keep track of which Charter Party Contracts are still outstanding, helping ensure that all electronically signed off contracts are captured.

Alex Gray, Head of Commercial Partnerships, Sea/ said: “Our Sea/contracts solution helps maritime organizations tackle contract management in a focused, efficient, and compliant way – when we combine these capabilities with Veson’s leading voyage management system, the value clients get from our solution is extended to another level.”

“Collaboration will be key for the maritime shipping industry to innovate for the future, which is why our Platform Partnership with Veson is so exciting. By uniting our expertise in charter party documentation with Veson’s expertise in commercial voyage management, we can empower our clients with the contextual information they need to make better-informed decisions based on real-time data and usable insights.”

Jere Richardson, Chief Commercial Officer, Veson Nautical, said: “Terms from Charter Party Contracts have ramifications to the commercial viability of each fixture, therefore requiring important contract details to be entered manually is not only time consuming and error prone, but also opens up the possibility of operational and business risk. Through this charter party integration with Sea/, we can reduce these risks for our clients and unite the entire fixture lifecycle under one synergistic workflow.”

Richardson added, “Sea/ is giving the industry a smarter, easier way to create and manage contracts, all in one place. As one of the leading Charter Party Documentation solutions providers that will be available to Veson clients through the Veson Partner Network, their drive for innovation and collaboration makes us well aligned as we continue working together for the success of our clients.”


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