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Veson Nautical’s ONCOURSE 2023 united both sides of the contract on data integrity challenges facing the industry

Key takeaways from the client conference will feature in upcoming webinar, “Data and Tech Trends: Key Learnings From Maritime Stakeholders at Oncourse 2023”

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BOSTON, MA – 3rd October 2023 – Veson Nautical (Veson), the global market leader of maritime freight management solutions, is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of ONCOURSE 2023, a conference hosted in the historic maritime hub of Athens, Greece. The event held on the 19 – 20 September marked the company’s 20th anniversary and saw companies from both sides of the contract discuss common challenges and industry-wide concerns.

Veson hosted nearly 200 owners, operators, commodity traders, oil and gas participants together along with technology and platform partners last week during a two-day event in Athens, Greece. .

Discussions highlighted the increasingly central role that data plays in managing and moving the world’s commodities and fleets. Data is a gold mine, and while there is plenty of it in the maritime industry, this data is useless unless we can use it to drive action. The key is to leverage systems and processes that produce relevant, standardized high-integrity data in context for a given decision or situation.

With 2024 on the horizon, ONCOURSE attendees also shared their thoughts on the implications of increasing regulatory complexity, such as how CII ratings will feed into agreements and how to account for the expenses and manage the risk that will be associated with the EU ETS. Despite lingering logistical unknowns, one thing is for sure: decarbonization is and will continue to be a focus.

John Veson, CEO and Co-Founder of Veson Nautical said: “This year’s ONCOURSE was our most successful client event yet. We listened to industry leaders share their most important challenges for the coming years. Our clients consistently mentioned the growing importance of facilitating quick decisions in the context of their workflow and tailored to their unique processes, especially in the wake of increased environmental and commercial regulatory complexity. This year’s event also held special significance as we celebrated 20 years of innovation and progress. I’m thankful to all those in the community in attendance for their invaluable support throughout the years.”

Top takeaways and insights from ONCOURSE2023 will be covered in an upcoming webinar titled, “Data and Tech Trends: Key Learnings From Maritime Stakeholders at Oncourse 2023”, taking place October 25, 2023. The webinar will include key discussion points from the 30+ speakers and panellists who presented during the conference, including industry leaders from Sedna, RightShip, ZeroNorth, Alpha Ori Technologies, Marcura, Coach Solutions, and StormGeo. To register, please register here.