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Oceanbolt combines a best-in-class AIS processing engine with a proprietary geospatial database of port and berth polygons to allow computationally expensive calculations to be processed in a matter of seconds, giving you the data you need to make dynamic, data-driven decisions. Today, Oceanbolt processes 30+ billion data points, makes 60+ million daily observations, and tracks 5+ billion tons of cargo each year over 140 commodities.

With Oceanbolt, you can:

Optimize decision making throughout the voyage lifecycle with real-time and historical insights on vessel tonnage, port congestion, and turnaround times.

Manage the demurrage cost variable by achieving unrivaled visibility into port and berth waiting times and congestion.

Better evaluate trade opportunities with intelligence on supply and demand of specific commodity types and grades, anywhere around the world.

Inform broader business strategies and data models with Oceanbolt’s flexible APIs and Python SDK.

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Complex market intelligence in a simple, cloud-based interface.

Here’s some of what Oceanbolt can do.

Gain Insight into Global Trade

Track commodity exports and imports on a global scale.

Access both real-time and historical trade flow information to enable back-testing and near term trend analysis. View data as a daily time series or in aggregate, and benefit from seamless integration.

Global Trade Flows

Port Congestion Data

Achieve Visibility into Port Congestion

Understand global port congestion at all times.

Make data-driven decisions and forecast demurrage impact on underway voyages with full visibility into dry bulk port congestion and wait times, including the ability to explore congestion data by port, country, region, and laden status.

View Voyage History for Any Vessel

Surface detailed port call and voyage data for bulk vessels.

Aggregate fleet-wide vessel status, assess vessel suitability, and better understand each vessel’s port and cargo history with real-time and historical data that can be dynamically searched and accessed by vessel name or IMO.

Aggregate Fleet Vessel Status

Assess Tonnage Balances

Monitor Tonnage Development Anytime & Anywhere

Stay updated on tonnage activity and availability.

Build confidence in vessel supply and market developments by assessing development in tonnage balances, capturing changes over time, extracting tonnage lists, and segmenting the data by laden status, direction, vessel class, and zone.

Access Granular Data on Trade Lanes

Base decisions on detailed operational and turnaround analysis data.

Break down port-to-port trade lanes to improve the accuracy of voyage estimates and durations. Understand voyage composition for competitive tenders and CoAs.

Trade Lane Operational Metrics

Apis Sdks Well Documented

API-first Data Delivery Approach

Integrate Oceanbolt data directly into your own models and systems.

Access all Oceanbolt data via well-documented APIs and SDKs (Python, R) to power your trading and freight models. Spend your time on analysis and business logic rather than on structuring and cleaning data.

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