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Bearing’s Artificial Intelligence platform helps shipping companies successfully manage the transition to green shipping while also managing core business priorities. Bearing’s technology pulls in real-world data from multiple sources to provide solutions with actionable insights, helping shipping companies streamline their operations and make better decisions through data.

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  • Platform Partner Since 2022

  • Headquartered in Palo Alto, California

  • Focused on Sustainability & Digitalization

  • Founded in 2019

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Veson Nautical Collaborates with Bearing to Analyze and Predict CII Performance

Bearing, a leader in AI-powered sustainable shipping, and Veson Nautical, the global market leader for commercial maritime software, have announced a new strategic product partnership to synchronize data for voyage analysis, and, quick accurate modeling of Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) ratings.

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How We Work Together for You

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Combine valuable systems data from Bearing and IMOS.

Integrating seamlessly via a secure API, IMOS fleet and vessel data can be fed into Bearing to synchronize voyage data, deepen insights, and eliminate manual data entry.

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Analyze and predict CII performance.

Bearing’s CII optimization and performance analysis solutions enable mutual clients to quickly identify CII risks and solutions when modeling a voyage.

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Collaborate with others to maximize change.

The IMOS-Bearing product integration encourages increased collaboration and helps to streamline workflows for greater efficiency and sustainability.

“With new CII regulations going into effect next year, ship owners and operators need to understand how their fleet will perform — where they’re at risk and what that means for their bottom line. Existing tools simply aren’t up to the task. But with Bearing’s AI-powered technology, now also fueled by data from the industry-leading IMOS platform, companies can get the intelligence they need to make decisions that are better for both their business and the environment.”

—Dylan Keil, Cofounder and CEO, Bearing

“Optimizing a voyage involves several inputs and assumptions. Currently, planning and recording a voyage in a system like the IMOS Platform provides a user a number of modeled outcomes from a commercial perspective. When you bring a separate optimization system into the mix, things can get time consuming and error-prone. Additionally, upcoming regulations are putting a lot of pressure on the industry to maintain compliance and enhance efficiencies of global supply chains. This integration with Bearing is one of the exciting steps that we are taking to support our clients with the technology they need to navigate these changes.”

—Eric Christofferson, CPO, Veson Nautical

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