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Sedna is an Intelligent Communications System expressly designed to meet the needs of teams doing complex, multi-party work. This Platform Partnership directly addresses a common problem that holds organizations back from optimal and timely decision-making: congested, disjointed communications and email overload. By integrating the Veson IMOS Platform with emails and information from the Sedna system, teams can use the context of the voyage and underlying contracts in IMOS to automatically create an organizational structure for incoming emails that saves time, reduces mistakes, and promotes efficiency.

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Fast Facts

  • Platform Partner Since 2020

  • Headquartered in London, United Kingdom

  • Focused on Email & Communications

  • Founded in 2017

Sedna Veson Platform Partner

Veson Nautical Welcomes Sedna to The Veson Partner Network as a Platform Partner

The turnkey integration between the Veson IMOS Platform and the Sedna system utilizes IMOS data to enable the automation of identifying, tagging, and ordering email messages in Sedna to create smarter, safer, and more productive maritime communications.

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How We Work Together for You

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Combine valuable systems data from Sedna and VIP.

Integrating seamlessly via a secure API, the Sedna system automates tagging and organizing messages by voyage to automatically present users with messages relevant to their assigned voyages.

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Streamline communications workflows.

With the Veson-Sedna integration, you can extend the value of your system to form a centralized workflow for internal and external communications within the context of your commercial operations.

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Reduce manual effort, enhance decision making.

The integration and automation help to reduce manual filing effort, lower the risk of missed messages, and significantly reduce the number of messages each user needs to read.

“By integrating with the IMOS Platform, relevant communications, conversations, documents, and associated actions are now visible to the whole team within Sedna, directly addressing the problem of over-reliance on traditional email systems.”

—Lakshmi Baskaran, Vice President of Engineering, SEDNA

“By enabling the connection of our clients’ commercial operations and decision making within IMOS with the business-critical communications facilitated through Sedna, we can empower our clients to reduce manual processes and information silos, unlock powerful insights, and achieve true continuity across their organization.”

—Graham Piasecki, Director of Commercial Strategy, Veson Nautical

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