Optimize the complex workflows unique to the marine transport of LNG

Address the unique needs of LNG vessels, contracts, and voyages

The IMOS Platform’s LNG module empowers maritime operators to dynamically manage the balance between LNG ship fuel consumption and cost. Designed to maximize profitability, the IMOS Platform is purpose-built for the highly specialized requirements of LNG marine transport.

With IMOS LNG, you can:

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Help maximize profitability by dynamically balancing LNG ship fuel consumption and cost

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Maintain a comprehensive understanding of the profitability of each LNG voyage

Icon Predict Future Conditions

Assess your commercial performance with robust reporting capabilities

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Streamline voyage workflows with automated capabilities and one, centralized workspace

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Manage your LNG workflow from anywhere in the world

Control your LNG profit and loss with precision

Up-to-Date Voyage P&L

With an up-to-date, dynamic voyage P&L, IMOS LNG makes it possible to assess voyage profitability by accounting for every aspect of your LNG voyages and automatically tracking LNG consumption, heel, forward ROBs, and more.

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Comprehensive Consumption Modes

IMOS LNG satisfies the unique requirements of all types of LNG vessel management, with native support for the full range of vessel types and integrated consumption curves for Natural Boil-Off, Forced Boil-Off, Dual Fuel, IFO, and more.

LNG-Specific Reporting

Reporting in IMOS LNG empowers key maritime stakeholders to gain insight into voyage performance and costs, including the ability to capture and report against the full matrix of charter party consumption curves.

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“With a growing fleet we needed a good cost-effective solution which could grow with our organization. We are pleased to have implemented this solution which saves our time and, as a result, money.”

Nicholas Green | Manager, LNG Operations & HSE
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