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Transform your commercial maritime data into action.

Transform passive data into a competitive advantage with robust commercial maritime reporting, contextual data analytics, and a dynamic business intelligence dashboard integration. It’s all part of Analytics with the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).

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Harness data like never before.

The Veson IMOS Platform’s (VIP’s) Analytics module provides diverse internal stakeholders with access to the comprehensive and action-ready maritime data analytics they need to assess commercial performance, uncover key opportunities, and make high-impact decisions.

With VIP Analytics, you can:

Aggregate action-ready, standardized data throughout your maritime workflow.

Measure the success of your initiatives and efforts to continually improve workflows over time.

Monitor meaningful KPIs with robust, customizable commercial maritime reporting capabilities.

Keep stakeholders empowered with the data analytics that are most relevant to them.

Access the insights and tools you need from anywhere in the world.

Everything you need to embrace data-driven decisions.

Here’s some of what VIP Analytics can do.

Report Designer

Surface the insights that matter most.

Report Designer in VIP Analytics empowers you to rapidly create and customize your own reports on your commercial maritime data with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, the ability to reorder or modify tabular reports, and tools to perform complex functions.

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Contextual Reports Screenshot

Contextual Reports

Access widely utilized reports.

Contextual Reports in VIP Analytics include 75 built-in reports that compile and visually present commonly utilized maritime data across VIP workspaces to enable data-driven decision making out of the box.

Maritime Business Intelligence

Engage with your data.

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft PowerBI with VIP Analytics to uncover data-driven insights and achieve greater profitability with interactive, fully customizable visual dashboards that give context to platform data.

Business Intelligence Screenshot
Data Transformation Quote

VIP is a platform I probably spend half of my day looking at and working in, and it’s integral to what I do on a day-to-day basis.

–Marc Radulovic, Senior Operations Manager, Eagle Bulk Shipping

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