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Streamline voyage accounting processes, safeguard profitability.

Save valuable time with a streamlined maritime finance solution that automates voyage accounting workflows, simplifies financial reporting, and upholds critical data continuity. It’s all part of Financials with the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).

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Complete financial workflows faster and smarter.

The Veson IMOS Platform’s (VIP’s) Financials module empowers maritime finance and voyage accounting professionals to work with greater accuracy, agility, and continuity through a dynamic suite of tools that can be tightly integrated with their corporate accounting systems.

With VIP Financials, you can:

Save valuable time by automating and accelerating day-to-day voyage accounting processes.

Establish a single source of truth by integrating with corporate accounting systems.

Meticulously account for voyage P&L impacts for each and every voyage action.

Keep stakeholders informed through meaningful reports on any data point in the platform.

Access the insights and tools you need from anywhere in the world.

Everything you need to accelerate financial processes and improve accuracy.

Here’s some of what VIP Financials can do.

Dynamic Voyage P&L

A detailed P&L that updates continuously.

Dynamic Voyage P&L updates as enterprise-wide actions automatically flow into VIP Financials to ensure you know where you stand at all times, eliminate duplicate data, and uphold full accountability for every financial impact of the voyage.

Dynamic Pl Screenshot

Accounting Workflow Screenshot

Accounting Workflows

Automate routine processes for enhanced efficiency.

Accounting Workflows in VIP Financials provide automatically-generated invoices for physical contracts—ranging from freight to commissions, claims, and time charters—streamlining routine voyage accounting processes and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Comprehensive Reporting

Report on virtually any data point in the platform.

Comprehensive Reporting in VIP Financials provides a single, visual workspace in which you can generate comprehensive reports on any data point within your VIP instance in order to assess financial performance and identify key opportunities to maximize profitability.

Comprhensive Reporting Screenshot
Data Integrity Quote

We have shortened the time of the accounting closing process. Data integrity has now [improved] significantly. We can download dashboards with real-time data.

–Aruna Gollamudi, Director of Finance, Eagle Bulk Shipping

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