Achieving Scalability with Greater Data Harmony

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

10 AM SGT | 10 PM April 6 EDT

Join Vishal Khattri, Director of Professional Services at Veson Nautical as he explores how to “Achieve Scalability with Greater Data Harmony.” Unstructured communication and fragmented data are the inefficiencies that have traditionally plagued the maritime industry. We are all speaking different digital languages with different technologies, systems, and lack of standards.

Technology provides the means for standardization; however, it is widespread adoption from key stakeholders and regulatory bodies that will really be the game-changer for setting standards. Maritime Industry counterparties should collectively agree on a common system of standards, in order to move forward. Data transparency and sharing is the key to making informed decisions. Interoperability, or data harmony between systems, is an achievable goal through ‘Direct Digital Connections’.

All webinars will be available on-demand after the live session for your viewing.

Session Speaker


Vishal Khattri

Director of Professional Services

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