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The operations function is marked by a rapid pace of work and information overload. The voyage operator is charged with executing the contracts created by the chartering function, maintaining constant communication with vessels at sea and voyage related counterparties, managing the complex P&L of multiple voyages at once, and comparing estimate-to-actual performance to maximize voyage profitability.

With standardized voyage reporting capabilities and a dynamic P&L, the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) empowers operators to centrally manage every last detail with continuity. Let’s take a closer look.

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Centrally plan each voyage, down to every last detail.

The operator’s work begins long before the voyage commences. VIP ensures the seamless transfer of contract and itinerary details from chartering, enabling you to seamlessly manage the vessel evaluation and vetting process, plan for projected bunker consumption and fueling stops, and carefully plan for the voyage’s various loads and discharges.

Platform Highlights
  • Streamline contract hand-off from chartering to operations.
  • Centrally view voyage itineraries.
  • Surface key actions in the voyage planning process.
  • Automatically route voyage instructions.

Operations Persona

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Connect with vessels and counterparties in a standardized way.

When the voyage is underway, the operator’s success is predicated upon maintaining close connectivity with vessels and voyage related counterparties, including charterers, vessel owners, bunker vendors, port agents, and more. Through built-in forms, VIP standardizes daily noon reports, statements of fact, arrivals, departures, port activities, cargo handling, and more. Data validation ensures that no detail is missed, and operators are empowered to centrally approve forms and populate data throughout the entire maritime workflow.

Operator Connect Vessel

Platform Highlights
  • Harness standardized forms to handle a full range of voyage documents.
  • Ensure consistency and eliminate information gaps with built-in data validation.
  • Empower users to quickly approve forms.
  • Update the entire workflow with form data automatically.

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Account for every activity and its P&L impact.

As the voyage progresses, operators are tasked with tracking anticipated and unanticipated events, including bunkering, loads, discharges, and more. All of these activities have an impact on projected P&L. With VIP, you can track every activity in one centralized workspace and view its respective financial impact through a dynamic, up-to-date P&L. Quantify the variance between estimated and actual performance, and proactively surface the causes of P&L swings that have a significant impact on voyage performance.

Platform Highlights
  • Centrally record a full range of voyage activities.
  • Maintain a dynamic P&L.
  • Compare estimated and actual P&L performance.
  • Understand the causes of P&L swings that impact voyage profitability.

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Focus your valuable time and effort.

With too much information and too little time, it can be difficult for operators to know where to focus their efforts. VIP provides busy operators integrated Tasks & Alerts, which surface essential action items based on organization-defined business rules. From vetting a vessel to preparing for port entry, approving forms, issuing invoices, and more, VIP Tasks & Alerts empower you to achieve at-a-glance visibility into what needs to get done and when.

Platform Highlights
  • View key actions for your voyages at-a-glance with Tasks & Alerts.
  • Filter voyage tasks to surface those that are most relevant to you.
  • Set custom business rules to align with your unique workflows.

Vip Operations Brochure

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Measure the metrics that mean the most.

Isolate the primary drivers of voyage performance and support continual improvement with built-in analytics from VIP, including insightful reports on bunker liftings and details, demurrage expenses and port delays, time charter expenses, and more.

Operator Measure Metrics
Platform Highlights

Access relevant analyses, including reports on:

  • Bunker Liftings & Details
  • Demurrage Expenses & Port Delays
  • Time Charter Expenses

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Real insights from operators like you.

Operations Quote Img

In choosing a new voyage management solution, we wanted to achieve one version of truth between our Commercial and Finance teams. With Veson Nautical, we got the solution and the long-term partner we were looking for.

–Svend Erik Nielsen, Business Development Manager, Uni-Tankers A/S

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