Efficient, effective voyage management is the core function of any maritime Operations department, driving the practical and financial performance of individual voyages and entire fleets. The ramifications of one wrong decision echo throughout the rest of the deal chain.

As the freight market continues to evolve, commercial maritime operators must make better decisions at a faster pace in order to maintain profitable results. Disconnected, disparate systems are no longer an option – without a single source of truth, information is lost, and it is impossible for an operator to make effective decisions.

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As the person ultimately responsible for the realized P&L of a voyage, an operator must have granular, real-time insight into every aspect of the voyage.

1.) Manage Your Voyage

Much can happen over the course of a voyage; from weather-related routing changes to delays at port, an operator must be able to adapt and adjust in order to optimally manage a voyage. Ideally, you would have a solution to efficiently manage all voyage activities, with granular visibility into your itinerary and cargo details, vessel performance, and bunker inventory.

2.) Control Your P&L

As an operator, you are ultimately responsible for the profit – or loss – of the voyages you manage. Therefore, it is imperative that you take control of your voyage financial position with full visibility into your P&L at every stage. Ideally, your system would help you uncover the drivers of estimate-to-actual variances and highlight opportunities to safeguard expected revenues.

3.) Monitor Performance

In order to optimize your voyage management, you must understand how your voyage is performing, through insightful analytics and key performance indicators. Ideally, your solution would pull voyage data in real time, updating with every vessel action and decision so you have a constant understanding of your fleet’s position and status.

A Digital Solution for Operators

In an increasingly digital world, Operators need a software platform that integrates information not only within an organization, but also with key external data sources and counterparties. Veson Nautical’s Veson IMOS Platform is the market-leading cloud solution for commercial marine freight and fleet management. The Platform’s Operations solution provides you with a voyage manager workspace that becomes the hub of your operational workflow. Through deep connections with the pre-fixture process and real-time updates from voyages, your operators are empowered to make better decisions, leading to more profitable results.

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