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The efficiency of the global supply chain is critical to the success of any commodities producing business. In order to drive new efficiencies over time, VPs of Supply Chain must access the multi-modal visibility and insight they need to surface opportunities for improvement. And yet, for many tonnage charterers, the marine modality suffers disproportionately high costs and low visibility that stem from its highly nuanced workflows.

With the Veson IMOS Platform, VPs of Supply Chain can achieve complete visibility and insight into their marine modality while accelerating workflows and empowering key marine supply chain stakeholders with a robust and highly capable solution.

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Empower all of your stakeholders.

From the production planner who is specifying requirements to the marine logistics professional who is nominating voyages and managing costs and the dock scheduler who is focused on keeping things moving at the berth, the marine supply chain must start by meeting the unique requirements of its primary stakeholders. Supply chain leaders know that global efficiency begins with empowering individual users. With VIP, they can deploy a marine-specific solution that delivers user-centered workspaces spanning every part of their internal workflow.

Vp Supply Chain Empower Stakeholders
Platform Highlights
  • Empower stakeholders with dedicated workspaces for nominations, P&L visibility, berth scheduling, and more.
  • Enable users to access critical tools and insights using a standard web browser.
  • Move data automatically and continuously from one stakeholder to the next.

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Measure the metrics that mean the most.

Supply chain leaders identify the marine modality as the most opaque link in the global supply chain, a designation that stems from its unique processes and complex workflows. IMOS provides robust reporting on any data point in the platform and integrates seamlessly with enterprise BI tools to provide supply chain leaders a full understanding of marine supply chain costs and efficiency.

Vp Supply Chain Measure Metrics

Platform Highlights

Report on any data point in the platform using built-in or build-your-own reports on:

  • Terminal Efficiency
  • Demurrage Analysis & Causation
  • Cost & Margin Analysis Across Business Lines
  • Mark-to-Market Analysis
  • Freight & Fuel Exposure
  • And more…

Plus, connect seamlessly with data warehouses and BI tools.

Strengthening Seaborne Supply Chain Webinar

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Get the story behind the story.

Equipped with a data-driven understanding of cost and efficiency, supply chain leadership can pinpoint their various drivers using robust operational data. From viewing the flow of inputs and outputs across sites to seeing your busiest terminal during peak periods and examining P&Ls for a specific carrier or cargo, IMOS provides the ‘story behind the story’ in order to enable continual improvement and true marine supply chain transformation.

Platform Highlights
  • Assess the operational aspects behind the data with a suite of robust workspaces.
  • Access historical information on any aspect of the marine supply chain.
  • Control user permissions to ensure the appropriate stakeholders have visibility where and when they need it.

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Form bi-directional integrations for complete data continuity.

Your marine modality is but one link in your global supply chain. To enable multi-modal insight and complete data continuity, IMOS delivers a flexible integration approach, with robust APIs to build-your-own connections and Veson-led integrations for more intentional and advanced connections. Enter data once and transmit it everywhere—from your ERP to your corporate accounting software, CTRM, ETRM, transportation management systems, data warehouses, BI tools, and more.

Vp Supply Chain Integration

Platform Highlights
  • Form your own integrations with flexible APIs.
  • Collaborate with Veson on more robust integrations.
  • Form complete data continuity across ERPs, corporate accounting software, CTRMs, ETRMs, TMSs, data warehouses, BI tools, and more.

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VP of Supply Chain Persona Sheet

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Real insights from supply chain leaders like you.

Vp Supply Chain Quote

In the future, you need to work smarter. The IMOS Platform’s Integrations do exactly that by enabling us to work in a smarter, simpler, and more efficient manner.

–Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology & Digital Strategy, Western Bulk

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