Our clients’ stories are our favorite stories to tell. Why? Because they are what make our work at Veson worthwhile. We find the opportunities and challenges that industry participants grapple with fascinating, and we derive our inspiration from the grit and dedication of our very special client community. This year, we have been fortunate to share stories from many diverse industry participants spanning many topics. In this blog, I’ve rounded up some snippets from the latest stories, shared by both new Veson clients and clients who we have been working with for many years. I hope you enjoy!

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New clients taking the leap to digitalize:

On April 1, 2022, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) set up a new organization, the “DX Co-Creation Unit”, to promote digital transformation. The goal is to create new value by combining MOL’s knowledge of data analysis and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) with their expertise in shipping. With this came the decision to implement an industry-standard system, the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP). MOL encountered three main challenges when implementing the system:

  • Integrating VIP with their accounting system
  • Getting their teams accustomed to the new system
  • Migrating data into VIP

Despite the large scale of the implementation and the integration of systems and data required, the switchover went smoother than expected. MOL has set their sights on optimizing the system to analyze various types of data in real time for added value and improved operational efficiency into the future.

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The mission of Taino Shipping & Trading LTD, a ship-operating company dealing primarily with dry bulk carriers, is to provide quality turnkey sea transportation, forwarding, and logistics solutions to their clients. Taino Shipping was seeking a comprehensive cloud-based solution with an integrated workspace that would take their operations to the next level, allowing the team to better track and collaborate on all parts of the voyage.

“Due to the nature of our business, an easily accessible yet effective system were imperative elements for our decision. The astonishing recommendations from other industry participants along with the extensive demonstrations of the Veson IMOS Platform were the decisive factors of our final election.”

 – Mr. Anastasios Raissis, CEO of Taino Shipping and Trading

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NYK and NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd., an NYK Group company, is another new Veson client. As a unified platform, the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) is uniting the business by integrating the individual systems that were previously separated by people in charge and departments. VIP’s ability to integrate systems, capture CO2 emissions, and standardize and streamline various operations and processes will all help NYK improve competitiveness.

In addition, NYK’s medium-term management plan, “Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green,” promotes advanced safety and efficiency through the digitalization of vessels. By steadily strengthening its DX capabilities and applying new technologies, NYK will continue to expand the use of diverse data to strengthen the Group’s ESG competitiveness.

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Genco Shipping & Trading Limited (Genco), a renowned provider of international seaborne dry bulk transportation services, has been looking to make a change in their operations for three years. After careful evaluation, the Genco team arrived at the Veson IMOS Platform as the best fit for the company’s strategic objectives of increasing productivity and profitability.

“Ultimately, we felt that the Veson solution stood out – notably for us it provided improved functions on the accounting module as well as more detailed data management on the voyage reporting side.”

 – Rob Hughes, Captain and Chief Operations Officer at Genco

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How our client community is tackling industry challenges:

The members of our vast client community are an innovative bunch, and they are tackling major challenges and opportunities facing the industry today – be it finding new ways to leverage data or addressing decarbonization whilst managing regulatory complexity. Here’s what they’re saying:

“Our mission is to be an energy company committed to a sustainable world with a forward-looking vision based on innovation, efficiency, respect, and creating value that promotes progress in society. Repsol is present in the entire value chain: exploration, production, transformation, development, and commercialization of efficient, sustainable, and competitive energy. With VIP streamlining our seaborne operations, we are in a much better position to live out our mission across the entire value chain.”

– Miguel Luque, Chartering Director at Repsol

“Shipping is changing a lot. It is much more about managing data to stay competitive; you need to do this in order to get ahead. Once you know the data is reliable and is something you can be sure of, then an important decision can be made out of it.”

 – Lorenzo d’Amico, Deputy Manager of Operations at d’Amico

“We’ve digitalized our whole marine supply chain. So, we have one global tool for all our marine operations. If we put it in a vessel, it’s in Veson products and we use that to manage our business.”

– Lance Nunez, Global Marine and Terminal Logistics Director at Dow

“The reason we partnered with Veson was because back in 2002 we were forming the first pool, and we needed a commercial management software to run and pool the results. We were communicating our needs to Veson regularly, and I must say the Veson team was very accommodating to all our requests. So essentially, we grew up together with Veson, and Veson changed our business processes. We were forming all these business processes together as our company was expanding, and now 90% of what we do is related to Veson. And we do everything – chartering, accounting, post-fixture operations using VIP as a primary commercial management platform – so this is probably the biggest achievement.”

– Yuriy Garbovskyy, General Manager at United Product Tankers (UPT)

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