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We’ve explored many trends, challenges, and opportunities this year for the maritime industry and the technology that underpins it. There are those familiar topics that continue to be relevant, such as digitalization or data standardization – and then there are topics which have captured the maritime industry’s attention in a new way. Let’s take a look back at some of the most prevalent Logbook topics of 2021:


This is a topic at the forefront of all our minds, but there are many unknowns as we embark on this collective journey.

Looking at the volume of work to be done to achieve long-term, industry-wide sustainability goals can be intimidating, to say the least. But there are many ways that maritime shipping organizations can make a measurable impact today, which we explore in these posts:

  1. Strides in Sustainability for Shipping, a Guest Post by NAMEPA
  2. Sustainability Capabilities in The Veson IMOS Platform Today
  3. Four Tips to Jump-Start Your Sustainability Efforts

Data Intelligence

Data intelligence… sounds important, but what is it exactly and why does it matter?

Data intelligence is the use of contextual and actionable data to unlock real business value. It matters because today, we have an unprecedented volume and velocity of data at our fingertips. By surfacing relevant data at the right time in the right way, maritime organizations can open the door to transformative new efficiencies within their workflows. Check out these posts to learn more:

  1. Anticipating Supply Chain Disruptions with Congestion Insights
  2. 4 Key Roadblocks on the Journey to Data Intelligence
  3. The 3 Critical Pillars of a Quality Maritime Data Repository

Bunker Management

Bunker management represents a critical function in any commercial maritime shipping organization. From bunker management’s integral role in executing voyages and moving cargoes to its broader implications for exposure, profitability, and sustainability, no single element of seaborne trade has as much of an impact as the procurement and consumption of marine fuel.

This post uncovers four ways your business can embrace a more intentional and strategic approach to bunker procurement and management:

  1. 4 Ways to Develop a Data-Driven Bunker Procurement and Management Strategy

Innovation at Veson

As usual, we’ve been very busy at Veson this year! The below posts dive into just a few ways that we continue to enhance and expand the value of the Veson IMOS Platform for our community:

  1. Site Reliability Engineering at Veson Nautical
  2. Integrating for the Future: Building a Best-In-Class Solution Through Data-Driven Connection

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