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Big Data Transforming Maritime Shipping

What is Data Intelligence?

Data intelligence involves transforming business data into actionable insights through standardization, integration, and analysis. Effectively harnessing your data enables greater efficiency, stronger business continuity, and continual improvement.

How is Data Intelligence Transforming Maritime Shipping?

Maritime shipping generates an enormous amount of potential-packed data every day. As the industry has been historically slow to adopting new technologies, however, many maritime organizations deal with inaccessible, error-prone, and unstandardized data, preventing them from realizing its full power. With a solution to effectively manage their data, maritime businesses gain the standardized, up-to-date, and accessible insights they require to make stronger decisions and solve complex business challenges, elevating their level of success.


of maritime leaders recognize the potential of big data for the industry.1


billion is anticipated to be the value of the maritime analytics market by 2027.2

Enhancing Decision Making

In a rapidly evolving maritime ecosystem, it is more important now than ever before for maritime shipping stakeholders to make better, faster decisions. With streamlined data access and a complete picture of their historical data, maritime stakeholders can avoid making decisions based on individual knowledge, anecdotal evidence, and guesswork. Instead, they are empowered to tap into standardized, contextualized data to make stronger decisions informed by timely market and organizational realities.

Increasing Efficiency

Despite digitalization efforts, many maritime organizations are still widely dependent on manual processes, with stakeholders spending large amounts of time sorting data and searching for the information they need. With an intuitive solution that brings new life to their data, stakeholders can easily access critical insights and instead focus their energy on performing their essential job functions.

Enabling Stronger Continuity
Stronger Continuity.

A manual approach to data standardization and utilization prevents maritime organizations from achieving the accessibility, accuracy, and continuity they require to ensure close alignment across systems and stakeholders. A cloud-native, integrated data solution, on the other hand, enables all key stakeholders to securely access standardized insights at any time, serving as a single source of the truth across functions and stages of the maritime shipping workflow.

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As an innovative market intelligence platform built for the maritime world, Oceanbolt delivers complex market insights in a simple, cloud-based interface. Through Oceanbolt’s flexible APIs and SDKs, you can make more effective decisions by incorporating Ocenabolt data into your systems, models, and analyses.

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Effective Data Management Holds Transformative Potential

Data intelligence requires more than just collecting data. It involves turning business-critical insights into action with the help of a powerful digital solution. Tapping into this potential requires the right platform and partner.

At Veson, we are committed to providing the robust data solutions and industry expertise our clients require to uncover the full potential of their data. Our commercial freight and fleet management platform delivers seamless integrations, standardized data, and robust analytics to serve as a single source of the truth and surface key insights at critical points in the maritime workflow. As the platform that propels maritime commerce, we empower our clients to make stronger decisions, tackle complex challenges, and enhance their commercial success.

Let us help you realize the full power of your data to drive new levels of efficiency, continuity, and success.

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Leaders in Harnessing Maritime Data

At Veson, our clients represent a significant portion of global trade. Following are some members of our client community who have leveraged the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) to establish a single source of the truth and enable data-driven success.

Logo Eagle Bulk

Enhancing Connectivity and Efficiency with VIP

An innovative dry bulk shipowner-operator, Eagle Bulk believes that investment in technology improves understanding of key decisions, enhances collaboration, and yields meaningful business results. The company intends to position itself to succeed and lead in an increasingly digital world. That’s why Eagle Bulk Shipping made the switch to VIP.

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Logo Bahri

Empowering Agile, Data-Driven Decisions with VIP

VIP enables faster decision-making, allowing the Bahri team to complete daily tasks more efficiently. Enhanced automation helps the team leverage historical data to inform future decisions. Integration capabilities provide the opportunity to easily incorporate third-party systems into one standard workspace.

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Logo Navig8

Navig8 Group Advances its Digital Strategy with Veson Nautical

As the world’s largest independent pool and commercial management company, Navig8 needed a solution that would repair and modernize its existing workflows and empower its team to deliver maximum value to its clients and pool partners. That’s why they partnered with Veson Nautical.

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