At Veson, we are always looking at ways to help our clients get the most out of our solutions. As different people learn in different ways, we provide content and trainings in different formats, including Veson University, our Help Center, and  Veson’s Live Training Workshops.

The Live Training Workshops, delivered by an experienced consultant in a virtual environment, are one of our most hands-on learning experiences. This format allows participants to interact directly with the consultant delivering the workshop and practice what they’ve learned along the way. Let’s explore the benefits of Live Training Workshops and what types of workshops are currently available for Veson users.

All Veson workshops contain both theory and exercises, which allows for workshop participants to apply what they learn in a live situation and ask questions to the consultant trainer. As registration for Workshops is open to all Veson users, these sessions also provide a good opportunity to meet and discuss topics with other users of the Veson IMOS Platform from different organizations. Those participating in the workshop will gain access to a special Veson IMOS Platform environment where they can practice the principles discussed throughout the course. Learners also receive documentation after the workshop has been completed to keep as a reference and help integrate learnings into their daily workflows.

Veson currently offers three different Live Training Workshops:

Bunkering Operations Workflows

Our newest course, the Bunkering Workshop focuses on bunkering operations workflows. We developed this workshop to help clients optimize their bunkering operations amidst ever-evolving complexity from different TC bunker workflows.

This workshop guides operations users through how to most effectively navigate the following workflows:

  • TC In bunker workflows, including pre-purchases, co-bunkering, estimated/actual consumption, supplement, bunker lifting options and more
  • TC Out bunker workflows, including bunkers on consumption, co-bunkering, estimated/actual consumption, supplement, bunker lifting options and more

With bunkers being one of the biggest P&L items, it is critical to understand how to accurately account for bunkers in the system to ensure an accurate P&L. Taking this course will help users to avoid common bunker operations pitfalls, saving valuable time and  enabling more profitable voyages.

Visit here to learn more and register for our next upcoming Bunkering Operations Workflows Workshop.

Tasks & Alerts

The Tasks & Alerts functionality within the Veson IMOS Platform allows users to create custom rules, task lists, and alerts at specific points along their workflow that are business specific and enforce best practices across the organization. As there are many ways to configure tasks & alerts depending on your organization’s unique goals, requirements, and needs, we designed a Tasks & Alerts workshop to delve deeper into this crucial area of the system. Tasks & Alerts are available throughout the Veson IMOS Platform on several different system objects, including Estimate, Cargo, Voyage, and Financial Invoice, among others. Having the ability to take advantage of this functionality allows organizations to set-up more effective and standardized workflows that reduce errors and enhance outcomes.

The workshop covers the following items:

  • How to access and review existing Tasks & Alerts
  • Creating new Tasks & Alerts
  • How to create rule conditions using variables and condition groups
  • And much more!

Visit here to learn more and register for our next upcoming Tasks & Alerts Workshop.

Report Designer

Relevant, thorough reporting is a crucial element to the success of any maritime business. Report Designer is the Veson IMOS Platform’s reporting tool, which allows users to create custom reports to be exported and used for data analysis. We created this workshop to help clients fine-tune their reporting for greater ease and effectiveness, which allows for deeper insights and the ability to improve future decisions. Additionally, as Report Designer uses the same reporting schema as our Data Lake solution, this course is also relevant for clients implementing Data Lake.

The workshop covers:

  • Best practices on how to create reports
  • How to create custom columns
  • How to navigate the reporting schema data map
  • How to export data in different formats
  • And much more!

Visit here to learn more and register for our next upcoming Report Designer Workshop.

Level Up Your System Knowledge

Our live workshops offer users the opportunity to enhance their understanding, proficiency, and utilization of the Veson IMOS Platform in a collaborative and personalized way. With exercises and simulations to apply knowledge, immediate access to an experienced consultant, and opportunities to share insights and collaborate with other system users, this learning modality is perfect for those who learn best through interaction and hands-on practice.

Here is a full list of all our workshop offerings for the remainder of 2023:

MonthBunkering Operations WorkflowsTasks & AlertsReport Designer
July25th to 27th18th to 19th11th to 14th
September12th to 14th26th & 27th12th to 15th
October 17th & 18th10th to 13th
November21st to 23rd  

We hope to see you at one of our workshops. Browse the full list of offerings and save your seat now by visiting this page.