As the shipping industry continues its digital transformation, industry innovators are leaning into technology tools that streamline workflows through connectivity and data automation. Taking advantage of technology’s power to drive efficiency and profitability is Norvic Shipping, a rapidly growing international dry bulk operator.

In 2014, Norvic Shipping operated 77 annual voyages; five years later, this figure is over 650. The driving factor behind this 700% growth is more agile and efficient voyage management. A user of Veson’s on-premise IMOSlive system since 2014, Norvic migrated to the cloud-based Veson IMOS Platform in 2019 to increase operational efficiency through digitalization.

Majbritt Jacobsen, Head of Business Process & Applications at Norvic, explained that “a critical element behind the expansion of our partnership with Veson Nautical is that we see Veson continuing to invest in the development of the product and in maintaining a high service and support standard.” In an increasingly digital world where technology advances at such a rapid pace, maritime organizations rely on a software partner that is knowledgeable about real industry problems and dedicated to solving them in an innovative way.

The rapid growth that Norvic has experienced since first implementing IMOSlive in 2014, paired with growing complexity and technological advancements in the maritime industry at large, has resulted in a strong need for connectivity and data automation. “The ability to drill down in our data and present the findings in an intuitive format is becoming increasingly important in driving our P&L focus,” states Jacobsen. “The Veson IMOS Platform provides this ability.”

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