The fourth and final stop on our ONCOURSE Connect 2022 client conference roadshow was Singapore, the world’s second busiest port in terms of tonnage and transporter of half of the world’s crude oil supply each year.

Held at the serene, river-side Grand Copthorne Hotel, this event brought together industry professionals from around Asia-Pacific and beyond to network and learn about the exciting new opportunities on the horizon for our community.

Today’s blog post features some special moments from our client conference in Singapore.

3 221109 Eps Veson Nautical Preview 45
221109 Eps Veson Nautical Preview 22

John Veson, Chief Executive Officer, and Sean Riley, President and Chief Operations Officer, each provided an exciting look into Veson Nautical’s strategic goals and vision for the future.

5 221109 Eps Veson Nautical Preview 27

Per Ostman, Director of Product, led an interesting discussion on the tools we are building to enable more sustainable freight decisions as we move towards a decarbonized future for commercial maritime shipping.

6 221109 Eps Veson Nautical Preview 30

Let’s talk data! Director of Oceanbolt Product Management, Niclas Dæhli Priess, shared our vision for mastering key data sets within the commodity and maritime space.

We heard about the latest product updates from Group Product Manager, Josh Luby, as well as an exploration of Veson’s Global Services – including how clients are onboarding and upskilling with Veson University and how to engage with Veson Professional Services on strategic projects – delivered by VP of Global Services, Jesse Dilanni, and Director of Professional Services APAC, Vishal Khattri.

2 221109 Eps Veson Nautical Preview 9
7 221109 Eps Veson Nautical Preview 46
8 221109 Eps Veson Nautical Preview 64

And our favorite part of gathering together, the socializing. We all got the special opportunity to form new connections, deepen existing relationships, and take part in interesting and often spontaneous conversations that spark new ideas and inspire more collaboration.

We are grateful for this year’s cadence of ONCOURSE Connect events, which have offered all of us the opportunity to rekindle the relationships and connections that were so sorely missed over the past two years. Thank you very much to all who attended our recent event in Singapore, or any of our ONCOURSE Connect 2022 events. We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store!

Speaking of, are you ready for the new year? If you’re considering making some changes to elevate your business, we’ve put together a quick scoresheet to help you answer key questions that will guide you to the right solution. Check it out for some innovative inspiration.