Community has been a theme at Veson since the very beginning.

We are proud to have a community that we feel is unparalleled in commercial maritime – a global user-base of nearly 18,000 strong, representing over 300 of the industry’s most innovative organizations. From the world’s oldest ship owners to its fastest-growing chartering houses and largest commodities producers, the diversity and expertise within our community creates a unique environment for collaboration and innovation towards a better future of shipping.
Despite the challenges and hardships of current times, we were fortunate to gather members of this community together virtually last week for this year’s ONCOURSE client conference. In just a half-day session, we dived into some of the commercial maritime industry’s most pressing challenges and opportunities to drive the industry forward.
This was our most well attended client conference to date and brought about some key insights on successfully embracing data standards to drive digital transformation, fostering continuous learning, and innovating for the future. Let’s take a look at some highlights.

Embracing Data Standards to Promote Digitalization

The world continues to become more connected and interdependent than ever before. This means that the diverse and complex maritime ecosystem is constantly changing, evolving, and working more closely together. The medium for driving this innovation and connectivity is digital technology.
In embracing digitalization and data standardization across the industry, all segments – be it owners and operators, commodity traders, or tonnage charterers – are elevated in their ability to operate more profitably and efficiently.
A key ingredient for doing this is the understanding that digitalization is a dynamic and evolving journey that must be embarked on with purpose and strategy. We at Veson are committed to this pursuit and continue to invest in the solutions and services that industry leaders depend on.
Among the 500+ new features released on the Veson IMOS Platform every year, some recent notable releases include Data Lake, Berth Scheduling, and Schedule Optimizer modules, which were all announced at ONCOURSE. More information on these to follow.

Fostering Continuous Learning

As we discussed in our previous blog post on why continued learning is a key ingredient for successful digitalization, it is critical that your employees continue to develop the technical and industry knowledge they need to succeed both today and tomorrow.
Fostering a culture of continuous learning starts from within your organization and is driven forward by working with a digital partner that shares the same values. Veson University takes advantage of our subject matter expertise in combining software solutions and the maritime industry by providing your teams with a one of a kind commercial maritime educational portal to learn Veson Nautical solutions. By combining your unique knowledge and experience with ours, we can create more opportunity and drive your business forward.
To learn more about the launch of Veson University, read the press release here.

Innovating for the Future, Together

For maritime organizations striving to transform their business to align with the future of shipping, innovation means not only improving operational efficiency, but also strengthening and expanding their network of business. As the industry becomes more connected, the value of community is stronger than ever.
While our clients are certainly the core of our community, and make it what it is, the nature of a modern software solution is connection beyond those who use it.
The innovation engendered by a cloud solution such as VIP leads to a unique network effect, designed to connect our clients to the vendors, data providers, software tools, and counterparties they rely on to do business every day.
We now connect to nearly 1000 agents, partner with more than 40 different data and software providers to offer standard integrations and connect with 28 different weather and performance partners. With stronger connectivity, we can share impactful data in an intentional way and drive data standards that improve how businesses operate across the industry.