Learning a new technology is never just about knowing what to click on, it’s about understanding the purpose behind the click and how it fits into the greater picture.

As technology, the maritime industry, and the world at large continues to change and evolve at a rapid pace, organizations are putting greater emphasis on purpose-driven digitalization that focuses on their people. By building strategy and purpose around the people using the technology rather than simply the technology itself, organizations can ensure that the digital tools they implement are aligned with their mission and empower their employees, which in turn delivers lasting value to clients.
Empowering employees means not only providing the tools and resources they need to be their best, but also creating an environment where they can continue to learn, explore, overcome challenges, and cultivate their expertise. To do this, organizations need to intentionally develop a culture of continuous learning.

Continuous learning has shifted from a “nice to have” to a “must,” with executives placing more urgent business priority on retraining and upskilling their workforce due to the explosion of automation and digitalization. Fostering a culture of continuous growth and learning has a plethora of benefits – from higher employee retention, to more effective onboarding, to future-proofing the organization for the skills, positions, and technologies of tomorrow.

So, how do you bring continuous learning to the forefront of your digital transformation? It all starts with you and your digital technology partner.

Cultivating a Learning Culture, Together

As an expert in your industry vertical(s), you have a wealth of knowledge and experience within your organization. Just as you support, train, educate, listen to and learn from your people to deliver the best industry solutions, so too should your technology partner to ensure your continued success well beyond go-live.

To experience lasting solution relevance and ROI on your digital investment, you need a partner that is dedicated to continuous product and user growth. Your users should have access to training resources on demand, a responsive support team, and ongoing education offerings that are both technical and industry based.

Formalizing and standardizing system training can lead to more scalable new user onboarding, less time spent retraining and upskilling users, more best-practice knowledge spread throughout the organization (rather than confined to a few superusers), higher employee productivity, and more. Additionally, by making education fulfilling and engaging through online courses, certifications, and “microlearning” opportunities (such as videos, articles, slide decks, and more), your organization can more easily integrate and create excitement around continued learning.

It is critical that your employees continue to develop the technical and industry knowledge they need to succeed both today and tomorrow. By combining your learning assets with the learning and support assets of your technology partner, you can create a robust and customized approach to continuous learning that ensures success into the future.

Introducing: Veson University

In the spirit of continued learning, Veson Nautical is proud to announce Veson University, a one-of-a-kind commercial maritime educational portal that enables the certification and learning of Veson Nautical solutions. Alongside Veson’s dedicated global services team and robust self-help resources, Veson University adds a unique and exciting layer to our dynamic services ecosystem.
From industry knowledge, to how a shipping company works, to understanding a backend integration, Veson University covers a large scope of concepts. The education portal provides a structure that modularizes this learning and allows you to custom build the right learning path for you and your business.

Given the breadth of products and functional areas the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) covers, each client has a unique end to end workflow that they must own and understand. In order to understand the product’s functionality, it is essential to first step back and understand the concepts of each area of the business and how they connect and integrate. This learning is more than just technical software training, it is commercial maritime industry training as well.

Veson University exists to ensure that everyone knows the purpose behind every “click” and feels confident doing it. We are dedicated to your continued success, and look forward to sharing more resources with you through Veson University!

To read more about the launch of Veson University, see this press release.