The value brokers get from our Position List platform stretches way beyond just standard AIS tracking

An early adopter and one of the largest US ship brokers

Q88 Position List is one of our suite of platforms developed specifically for the needs of the global maritime transportation industry. All of the platforms are developed by a team with intimate knowledge of shipping, gained working within the industry.

Long established, independent, Q88 is focused on providing value. The cloud enables our Position List app to provide complete portability of the product for every user. Whether at a desk or on the move, tanker brokers have the ability to search and share a position list from any suitable mobile device with internet connectivity.

Q88 Position List is built around putting AIS data to good use, generating value for our customers. One of the earliest adopters was Southport Maritime, Inc., headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida, one of the leading shipbroking companies in the United States.

Southport Maritime provides extensive tanker services, including market analysis and intelligence, chartering and S&P for a range of clients worldwide, including shipping companies, financial institutions and government agencies.

With the need to oversee charters of as many as 100 vessels at any one time, the company needs high quality and up to date information to efficiently and effectively empower its brokers and operations people.

Value from identifying appropriate vessels quickly

Southport Maritime chooses Q88 Position List and finds that one of the very best benefits of subscribing is that it also enjoys access to information from, our complementary certification management and questionnaire automation platform. holds great levels of detail on vessels, including vital statistics such as physical dimensions, draft, DWT and so on. One of the most valuable aspects of using Q88 Position List to locate the right tonnage quickly and efficiently is the ability to determine whether a vessel is physically suited to a proposed voyage.

Jonathan Blake Corey (‘JB’), Oil Tanker Broker at Southport Maritime says: “We can see the particulars of vessels in the Q88 community to understand their suitability for specific ports and terminals. With this level of knowledge of the specs and dimensions of the vessels, we can understand their physical limitations. This is of great value as it saves a lot of time. We can quickly identify vessels which are appropriate for transporting the specific cargoes and intakes required for each proposed charter.”

Join leading ship brokers and get greater value with Q88

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