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What is Cloud Technology?

Cloud Technology refers to the delivery of tools or applications over the Internet. Its chief benefits include enhanced connectivity, remote access, and reduced IT complexity.

How is Cloud Technology Transforming Maritime Shipping?

Maritime shipping organizations are marked by distributed operations, continuously changing realities, and highly complex workflows—all of which make the ecosystem ripe for the benefits of cloud technology. Following are some of the transformative advantages that the cloud brings to the maritime shipping space, which industry leaders are reaping to get ahead of the competition and innovate for the future.


million has been invested in cloud ship management platforms since 2015.1


of daily working time can be saved by using cloud commercial fleet management software.2

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Maritime Teams.

Remote work and global reach both necessitate continuous connectivity among maritime shipping teams. By enabling instant, secure access to business-critical information with just an Internet connection and any modern web browser, cloud-based solutions free teams from their workstations and enable them to remain empowered, productive, and collaborative—no matter where they are.

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As a maritime shipping business grows and evolves, its technology solutions must be able to keep pace. Cloud-based solutions enable maritime shipping organizations the flexibility to right-size their IT investments in line with shifting business needs, rapidly scaling their user base up or down as teams grow and evolve.

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Sustained Innovation.

The pace of technological innovation within the maritime shipping space continues to hasten like never before. Cloud-based solutions provide maritime shipping organizations the benefit of automatic updates that enable them to compress the time between technology inception and delivery and continually reap new benefits from their solution.

The Cloud is Here. Are You on Board?

Cloud technology is not a fleeting trend. It is the way of the future for the maritime shipping space. But making the move to the cloud still eludes many businesses. It’s important to choose the right partner and technology to make your journey to the cloud both seamless and successful.

At Veson, we deliver the industry’s leading cloud-based platform for commercial freight and fleet management. The Veson IMOS Platform’s (VIP’s) dynamic, cloud-based architecture is integral to enabling the advanced connectivity and agility required by today’s maritime shipping ecosystem. But a successful journey to the cloud requires more than technology. Through our responsive partnership and full suite of value-added services, we empower each of our clients to achieve seamless integration and effectively manage change.

Let us help you embrace the power of cloud technology to transform the way your maritime shipping organization works and makes decisions.

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Leaders in Maritime Cloud Technology

At Veson, our clients represent a significant portion of global trade. Following are some members of our client community who have successfully migrated to the cloud-based Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) and realized significant value.

Logo Eagle Bulk

Enhancing Connectivity and Efficiency with VIP

An innovative dry bulk shipowner-operator, Eagle Bulk believes that investment in technology improves understanding of key decisions, enhances collaboration, and yields meaningful business results. The company intends to position itself to succeed and lead in an increasingly digital world. That’s why Eagle Bulk Shipping made the switch to VIP.

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Logo Bahri

Empowering Agile, Data-Driven Decisions with VIP

VIP enables faster decision-making, allowing the Bahri team to complete daily tasks more efficiently. Enhanced automation helps the team leverage historical data to inform future decisions. Integration capabilities provide the opportunity to easily incorporate third-party systems into one standard workspace.

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Logo Navig8

Navig8 Group Advances it Digital Strategy with Veson Nautical

As the world’s largest independent pool and commercial management company, Navig8 needed a solution that would repair and modernize its existing workflows and empower its team to deliver maximum value to its clients and pool partners. That’s why it partnered with Veson Nautical.

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