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What is Digitalization?

Digitalization refers to the use of digital technologies in order to transform the way business is conducted. Its primary fruits include new efficiencies, enhanced business agility, enhanced decision support, and improved profitability.

How is Digitalization Transforming Maritime Shipping?

Maritime shipping organizations are unanimous that digitalization is the way of the future, remain divided when full digitalization will occur. Following are some of the benefits that digitalization brings to the maritime shipping space, which are fueling its adoption.


shipping companies have started on their digital journey.1


are already exploring digital solutions.2

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The Maritime Workforce.

Maritime shipping professionals are notoriously time constrained. By automating routine tasks and centralizing information and tools that were previously distributed, digitalization accelerates workflows and boosts stakeholder productivity.

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Data-Driven Decisions.

Digitalization enables continuous access to standardized data that spans every part of the commercial workflow. This data is paired with external information sources to support contextual, data-driven decisions that have a positive business impact.

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Diverse Stakeholders.

An estimated 1.5 million people comprise the global maritime workforce. Digitalization provides a platform through which these stakeholders can connect with one another and participate in the commercial workflow like never before.

Start with Your Business Goals, then Ask Which Technologies Will Help Achieve Them

Digitalization isn’t about technology. At its core, it’s about your business’ ability to engage in a myriad of value-generating activities. As with so many other technology shifts, easy to get swept away in the hype and lose sight of the end goal.

At Veson, we’re at the helm of the digitalization movement with the market’s leading digital platform for commercial freight and fleet management. But we didn’t get there by latching on to the next big thing. We got there by delivering the digital capabilities our clients truly need to capitalize on new opportunities, work more efficiently, collaborate and connect more effectively, and enhance financial outcomes.

Let us help you accelerate your digital journey by aligning digital technologies and workflows with your business’ specific goals.

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Leaders in Maritime Digitalization

Following are some of the companies who have successfully adopted digitalization strategies to drive new levels of success.

Logo Eagle Bulk

Enhancing Connectivity and Efficiency with VIP

An innovative dry bulk shipowner-operator, Eagle Bulk believes that investment in technology improves understanding of key decisions, enhances collaboration, and yields meaningful business results. The company intends to position itself to succeed and lead in an increasingly digital world. That’s why Eagle Bulk Shipping made the switch to VIP.

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Logo Bahri

Empowering Agile, Data-Driven Decisions with VIP

VIP enables faster decision-making, allowing the Bahri team to complete daily tasks more efficiently. Enhanced automation helps the team leverage historical data to inform future decisions. Integration capabilities provide the opportunity to easily incorporate third-party systems into one standard workspace.

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Logo Navig8

Navig8 Group Advances it Digital Strategy with Veson Nautical

As the world’s largest independent pool and commercial management company, Navig8 needed a solution that would repair and modernize its existing workflows and empower its team to deliver maximum value to its client and pool partners. That’s why it partnered with Veson Nautical.

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