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Port costs are one of the biggest expense elements in a voyage, and it is critical for operations teams to closely monitor and control port activities. GeoServe’s flagship service product, GeoConnect, is a port cost management solution that allows users to seamlessly manage their port disbursement workflows and synchronize port cost data. Through an integration with the Veson IMOS Platform, mutual clients can drive business-critical decisions related to port disbursement management by simplifying the flow of data across systems and cutting out manual efforts.

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Fast Facts

  • Platform Partner Since 2023

  • Headquartered in Dubai, UAE

  • Focused on Simplifying Voyage Operations

  • Founded in 2019

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Veson Nautical and GeoServe Collaborate to Advance Port Disbursement Workflows

The integration will connect the Veson IMOS Platform and GeoConnect, GeoServe’s port disbursement accounting platform, to help streamline, optimize, and seamlessly manage port disbursement workflows and synchronize port cost data.

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How We Work Together for You

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Simplify data flow between GeoConnect and IMOS.

For mutual clients who opt-in, the integration provides a turnkey connection between two key platforms to drive business-critical decisions related to port disbursement.

Icon Standardization
Seamlessly manage port disbursement processes.

Leverage GeoConnect’s validated repository of accurate port cost information within the context of broader voyage operations in the IMOS Platform to make data-driven decisions that aid voyage profitability.

Icon Increasing Efficiency
Replace manual data entry with a fully digitized process.

By synchronizing data across systems, users can spend less time on data entry and more time on strategic operational analysis that can lead to better business decisions.

“Building an ecosystem of digital solutions in a dynamic maritime landscape is only possible through collaboration. GeoServe’s proprietary application capabilities, coupled with Veson’s industry-leading solutions, will empower mutual clients to digitalize their workflows, and make data-driven decisions for increased operational efficiency.”

—Sanjay Kapoor, CEO, GeoServe

“A crucial factor in the efficiency and profitability of a maritime organization’s voyage operations is the quality of their disbursement accounting processes. However, traditional paper-based disbursement accounting involves complex communications chains and requires a heavy amount of administrative work, leaving considerable room for error. Creating a smooth experience at port starts with streamlined access to vital port and disbursement information, which is where the IMOS–GeoConnect integration can help.”

—Graham Piasecki, Director of Commercial Strategy, Veson Nautical

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