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PortLog, a subsidiary of Marcura, empowers ship owners and operators to significantly reduce the risks and costs associated with commercial port calls, as well as driving operational and environmental efficiencies within the port stay portion of a commercial voyage.

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Fast Facts

  • Platform Partner Since 2022

  • Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Focused on Port Time Management

  • Founded in 2001

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Commodity Shipping To Optimize Port Time Financials In Digital Solution By Veson And Marcura

Marcura, developer of PortLog, the world’s first port time optimization platform, and Veson Nautical, a market leader in developing, implementing, and supporting the solutions that propel maritime commerce, have today announced an exciting product integration.

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How We Work Together for You

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Build accurate, data-backed voyage estimate calculations every time.

Leveraging PortLog’s extensive database of port activities & expenses, chartering or freight trading teams can make more accurate calculations and confidently fix or walk away from potential new business.

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Help mitigate risk and reduce time & costs associated with port calls.

Using PortLog, ship operators are able to estimate ports costs (including potential discounts and tariffs), reduce risks and identify opportunities related to port stays, enabling better commercial decisions.

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Combine valuable systems data into one, streamlined workflow. 

The integration streamlines data sharing between systems, feeding relevant information from PortLog directly into the IMOS Voyage Estimator for one enhanced and uninterrupted workflow.

“We are excited to be working with Veson Nautical as a Platform Partner to open up a whole range of digital solutions that, until now, have been impossible to imagine. I am confident this integration will bring significant benefits to our joint customers.”

Christian Haunso,Chairman, Marcura

“This collaboration will allow PortLog to integrate their data for port turnaround times directly into our platform, giving users more tools to help plan and execute a port call with greater accuracy. When estimating time spent in ports and the associated costs of port calls, clients can streamline the process and gain access to the data they need to make informed decisions.”

—Josh Luby, Group Product Manager, Veson Nautical

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