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RightShip is the world’s leading ESG focused digital maritime platform, providing expertise in global safety, sustainability and social responsibility practices. By integrating with the Veson IMOS Platform, vessel rating information produced by RightShip can be directly incorporated into the broader chartering decision-making process.

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Fast Facts

  • Platform Partner Since 2022

  • Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria

  • Focused on Vessel Vetting, Environmental & Safety Ratings

  • Founded in 2001

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RightShip & Veson Nautical Collaboration Enables Sustainable Choices for Charterers and Managers

RightShip and Veson Nautical are proud to announce a new collaboration to enable those working in commercial freight management to make timely, safe and environmentally sound decisions at the touch of a button.

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How We Work Together for You

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Search and sort vessels by rating information.

Leverage RightShip’s GHG Rating and Safety Score data within the IMOS Platform to set search parameters for a specific subset of vessels in a particular geographic location.

Icon Standardization
Create warnings and alerts for vessel ratings that do not fit your requirements.

Create warnings & alerts within IMOS Chartering for vessel ratings that don’t fit the organization’s specific requirements, protecting Charterers from wasted time or errors and standardizing the pre-fixture process.

Enabling Sustainability Icon
Consider sustainability throughout vessel valuations.

This integration helps collate and present data in a simple easy to read format, detailing the fleets that are safest, most sustainable, and display the strongest standards for their crew.

“The collaboration with Veson means our customers are able to access insights in a timely manner, as we enable the industry to chart a course towards a zero-harm future. We’ll be more transparent with data than ever before, continuously improving the quality, as the need for accurate ESG transparency becomes ever more prevalent.”

—Tarun Mehotra, Chief Strategy Officer, RightShip

“RightShip provides a significant value add to our client community, enabling them to add vessel rating information produced by RightShip directly into their chartering decision-making process within the IMOS Platform. This further delivers on our desire to allow users to reference data where and when they need it in their workflow. This collaboration is another way we are helping the industry to decarbonize efficiently and effectively.”

—Eric Christofferson, Chief Product Officer, Veson Nautical

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