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ZeroNorth is a leader in delivering digital solutions focused on shipping decarbonization. Our shared commitment to driving decisions through data makes our Platform Partnership a natural fit for our client community. Together, the Veson IMOS Platform and ZeroNorth’s Optimise share data to provide clients actionable recommendations that can be used to improve TCE while lowering CO2 emissions.

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Fast Facts

  • Platform Partner Since 2020

  • Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Focused on Sustainability & Digitalization

  • Founded in 2020

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ZeroNorth and Veson Nautical Form Strategic Product Partnership

As the result of a strategic Platform Partnership, ZeroNorth’s Optimise solution securely integrates with the IMOS Platform to allow a seamless transfer of data for joint customers. This native data integration empowers IMOS users to optimize bunkers to increase profitability, decrease CO2 emissions, and improve fleet-wide sustainability.

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How We Work Together for You

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Combine valuable systems data from Optimise and IMOS.

Integrating seamlessly via a secure API, ZeroNorth’s Optimise combines IMOS fleet and vessel data with its weather, port and market data to eliminate manual data entry and deepen insight.

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Make decisions that increase TCE and lower CO2 emissions.

The algorithm then creates tangible actions for the operator to improve their time charter equivalent rate (TCE) and reduce CO2 emissions in line with industry targets.

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Collaborate with others to maximize change.

By breaking down data silos, our Platform Partnership encourages uses from across the maritime shipping sector to collaborate with one another in transforming their data insights into action.

“Shipping needs innovative digital technologies if we are to successfully – and profitably – decarbonise. By working with Veson, we put Optimise into the hands of more operators across tramp shipping, providing them all with the power to turn their data into actionable insights that benefit their business, our sector, and our impact on the world.”

—Søren Meyer, CEO, ZeroNorth

“Collaborating with ZeroNorth extends the value of the data captured and maintained in the IMOS Platform by connecting it to a powerful tool that enables additional analysis through the lens of sustainability. This adds to Veson’s considerable suite of digital solutions that, taken together, will power the clear decisions needed to successfully face the challenges of the future.”

—Jere Richardson, Veson Nautical

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