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Form your own connections.

Transmit data between the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) and other third-party solutions with bi-directional connections, infinite integration possibilities, and full extensibility. It’s all part of harnessing APIs for commercial maritime management in VIP.

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Push and pull data in real time.

The Veson IMOS Platform’s (VIP’s) commercial maritime shipping APIs module makes it possible for IT professionals and maritime decision makers to push and pull real time data to a myriad of third-party solutions in order to empower key stakeholders, enhance efficiency, and enable data-driven decision making.

With VIP APIs, you can:

Inform other third-party solutions with vital data from VIP and vice versa.

Continue to add new integrations to keep your business ahead.

Move at the speed of business as APIs gather and transmit data continuously.

Everything you need to enable data-driven connectivity.

Here’s what VIP APIs can do.

Bi-Directional Connections

Receive inputs, transmit outputs.

VIP APIs have the ability to integrate bi-directionally so that you can receive vital inputs from your third-party solutions while also providing those solutions timely data outputs from VIP to enable your solutions to be informed by the same timely, accurate data.

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Infinite Possibilities Img

Infinite Possibilities

Support a full range of integrations.

Flexible REST APIs within VIP support both GET and POST calls, providing you full flexibility to form your own data-driven connections with a virtually limitless array of third-party solutions.

Full Extensibility

Expand your connections over time.

The VIP APIs module empowers you to readily add new connections over time to keep ahead of the evolving technology landscape and form a comprehensive, best-of-breed solution with VIP at its core.

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Accomplish Integrations Quote

VIP is the center of our commercial operations. In the upcoming period, we will modernize our internal software stack. We have high expectations for using the Platform API to accomplish tight integrations across our systems.

–Ruud Bijvank, Senior Business Project Manager, Stolt Tankers

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