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Bring new efficiency to the berth scheduling process.

Streamline berth activity planning and optimize your berth rotation with a visual Gantt chart and unallocated bookings scheduler, complete integration with voyage and cargo activities, and gain a “Live View” into events at the berth. It’s all part of Berth Scheduling with the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).

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Dynamically manage berth cargo sequences and activity planning.

The Veson IMOS Platform’s (VIP’s) Berth Scheduling module empowers dock schedulers and operators to more efficiently move equipment through the berth and reduce demurrage with a simple visual workspace in which teams can manage current port activities by cargo and plan forward cargo lineup.

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With VIP Berth Scheduling, you can:

Simplify berth scheduling with an intuitive, interactive workspace.

Mitigate demurrage expenses by optimizing berth planning.

Maintain complete visibility over berth activities.

Eliminate guesswork from handling timelines with integrated activities.

Uphold business continuity by automatically updating other parts of your workflow.

Everything you need to keep things moving at the berth.

Here’s some of what VIP Berth Scheduling can do.

Gantt Chart

Visualize your berth scheduling operation.

The Gantt Chart in VIP Berth Scheduling enables you to visualize current and planned berth activities at various berths within a given terminal while easily adding new cargoes. Efficiently manage all activities with an interactive, drag-and-drop interface, warnings and restrictions for vessel type and cargo, and a separate schedule for unallocated bookings.

Gantt Chart Screenshot

Activity Times Screenshot

Voyage & Cargo Activities

Standardize berth planning and eliminate guesswork.

VIP Berth Scheduling includes complete integration with voyage and cargo activities to standardize berth planning and scheduling, eliminate the guesswork from handling timelines, mitigate demurrage exposure, and maximize visibility to potential claims.

Workflow Integration

Automate your internal workflows.

By continually updating with the latest operational data from other VIP modules, VIP Berth Scheduling gives your team a real-time view of critical information and enables them to actualize planned events that automatically update laytime calculations and forward voyage tracking.

Work Flow Integrations Screenshot
Berth Scheduling Quote

Effective berth scheduling and rotation requires precise balance of many intricate variables, but the vast majority of berth schedulers and marine planners are currently trying to manage these variables through manual processes. VIP Berth Scheduling addresses this problem with a digital solution.

–Josh Luby, Product Manager, Veson Nautical

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