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Gain access to holistic, historical data.

Enable meaningful, data-driven analyses with historical records that are comprehensive, easy-to-digest, and standardized for maximum utility and insight. It’s all part of the Data Lake module in the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).

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Rapidly analyze and interpret your historical data.

The Veson IMOS Platform’s (VIP’s) Data Lake module ensures you always have access to your historical systems data in a repository that was designed for easy consumption and use.

With VIP Data Lake, you can:

Retain a holistic view of your data at all times. 

Easily access historical data in a report-ready format. 

Inform downstream systems with standardized data.

Grow your database with a cloud-native, highly scalable solution.

Everything you need to interpret historical performance and improve future success.

Here’s what the VIP Data Lake can do. 

Complete Historical Records

Access up to date comprehensive historical records.

With complete historical records that are continuously updated over time, VIP Data Lake enables key stakeholders from inside your organization to retrieve comprehensive historical systems data from VIP in one, convenient location.

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Easy To Consume Img

Easy-to-Consume Format

Make data actionable.

VIP Data Lake delivers table extracts from your operational database in VIP in an easy-to-digest reporting format so you can quickly interpret them and make them actionable inside your organization.

Standardized Data

Inform downstream solutions.

VIP Data Lake delivers data that is fully standardized and searchable, which can be seamlessly ingested and interpreted via your preferred downstream data warehouse or enterprise business intelligence solutions.

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In a single day, the maritime shipping industry generates roughly 120 million data points related to contracts, vessel movement, cargo locations, and more. Without a proper solution, organizations are not able to effectively analyze their historical data. The Data Lake solution solves that problem by making data in the VIP operational database available on an ongoing basis, in a format compatible with leading data reporting and analytics tools.

–Bill McConnell, Product Manager, Veson Nautical

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