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Vessel owners and operators must ensure that every asset is performing and generating profit. Specifically designed to handle the complexities of maritime contracts and commercial marine operational management while keeping you ever-ahead of the evolving maritime digitalization curve, the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) provides vessel owners and operators complete visibility and control over the performance of their global fleets.

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Transform your commercial maritime workflow with end-to-end visibility and dynamic, data-driven control. 

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Empowered to maximize and safeguard profits.

By underpinning every commercial decision with data, VIP empowers vessel owners and operators to take advantage of the best, most lucrative opportunities and control expenses throughout the voyage lifecycle. Pre-fixture, VIP supports better chartering decisions through advanced scenario planning and dynamic algorithms. During the voyage, VIP’s value continues with real-time P&L visibility and proactive risk management. After the voyage, VIP provides the ability to centrally manage invoicing and ensure no claims opportunity is missed.

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Optimize commercial marine operational management.

Managing the commercial voyage is a complex and multi-faceted operational feat. As a dynamic digital platform, VIP replaces time-consuming manual processes and email overload with a comprehensive, integrated solution that standardizes data collection, automates routine processes, and establishes a single source of the truth across systems and stakeholders. With VIP, voyage operators can remain tightly connected to voyage performance at all times and make more proactive, data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency and commercial outcomes.

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Control your workflow from anywhere.

The unique realities of today’s market demand web-based solutions that offer robust connectivity, outstanding security, and ease of access to global maritime shipping teams. Built upon a dynamic, cloud-based architecture, VIP enables team members to participate in the maritime workflow and collaborate with one another in real time using nothing more than an Internet connection and a modern web browser. Plus, with automatic updates and 500+ new features each year, VIP is the future-forward investment today’s vessel owners and operators need to remain ahead in an ever-changing world.

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The system can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device. In this world of commercial and international business, you need to access information very quickly. For voyage managers, for charterers, for all different positions in the business units, the data is more accessible and more convenient. This is a very positive impact on the day to day operations.

–Waleed Al-Sobayel,
IT Support Manager, Bahri

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