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Amid increasingly volatile markets, the importance of the freight trader is at an all-time high. Focused on proactively managing the business’ freight and fuel exposure, the trader is highly dependent upon accurate visibility into the business’ contracts and ever-changing market rates.

With a robust, market-linked trading and risk workspace, the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) empowers traders to assess and hedge exposure more efficiently, and with full knowledge of the impact of each trade.

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Instantly view your freight and fuel exposure.

Traders spend the lion’s share of their time in VIP’s powerful P&L Summary, a single workspace that provides them a data-driven view of exposure, with drill-down detail by contract, vessel size, business line, historical data, and more. Updated in real-time with linked market indices for freight and bunker rates and contract data from inside VIP, traders can finally put an end to unwieldy macros and disparate data sources.

Platform Highlights
  • Gain a dynamic view of freight and fuel exposure in one workspace.
  • Integrate with market indices for real-time freight and fuel rates.
  • Instantly account for contracts with built-in data from the platform.
  • Segment data and access detail by contract, vessel size, business line, historical date, and more.

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Instantly View Freight Illustration

Run test scenarios before trades are made.

Armed with insights from the P&L Summary, traders may decide to hedge their freight or bunker exposure by performing freight trade or bunker swap. With the built-in ability to apply forecasts, stress tests, and “what if” scenarios, and dedicated bunker swap functionality, VIP empowers traders to assess the financial impact of every trade before it is made—all without complex manual calculations. After trades are made, traders can view granular information about each and every trade on VIP’s Trade Details list.

Platform Highlights
  • Run “what if” scenarios for potential freight trades, and apply forecasts and stress tests.
  • Consider potential bunker swaps with built-in functionality.
  • Assess the financial impact of potential trades.
  • View granular detail for each and every trade in the Trade Details list.

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Evaluate voyage performance, inclusive of physical and paper trades.

After a trade is committed to hedge exposure, the entire organization must consider its impact on voyage performance. VIP enables traders and other business leaders to measure the P&L impact of physical and paper trades during the voyage, measure mark-to-market performance, and evaluate performance inclusive of physical and paper trades long after the voyage is complete.

Platform Highlights
  • Quantify the P&L impact of physical and paper trades.
  • Measure mark-to-market performance.
  • Consider physical and paper trades in voyage performance reporting.
  • Demonstrate the impact of risk management to key business users.

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Evaluate Voyage Performance Inclusive Physical Paper Trades Illustration

Measure the metrics that mean the most.

With robust data and rich analytical capabilities, VIP makes it possible to generate and export meaningful reports on virtually any data point within the Trading & Risk workspace, including aggregate freight exposure, fuel exposure over time, and granular risk reporting by voyage and vessel.

Trader Measure Metrics

Platform Highlights
  • Access relevant analyses on freight and fuel exposure by voyage and vessel.
  • Create reports instantly with the press of a button.
  • Easily export and distribute reports to key stakeholders.
  • Build your own reports, or leverage Veson’s standard dashboard library.

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Measure Metrics Illustration

Real insights from traders like you.

Trader Quote

Veson has an incredible tool for risk management. It is better, in a more pertinent way, than the competition to serve our needs. And for the kind of company that we are today, that has been quite important.

–Lorenzo d’Amico, Deputy Manager of Operations, d’Amico Group

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