As 2020 has taught us, a lot can happen in a year. One year ago today, we launched our official Veson blog, The Logbook, with the goal of delivering pertinent commercial maritime shipping and technology insights from our team of experienced professionals. Since then, we have released over 57 blog posts featuring 30 unique Veson Nautical subject matter experts across all our global offices.

Leveraging nearly two decades of experience working with 300+ of the industry’s leading maritime organizations on the digital technology that drives their core business operations, our subject matter experts have explored a wide array of topics – from navigating the IMO 2020 regulation to driving digitalization through continuous learning to adapting for the new remote work scenario necessitated by COVID-19.

To celebrate all we have learned so far, let’s take a look at some of the most popular blog topics from this past year!

1.) Mitigating Risk & Unnecessary Costs

One of the realities of commercial maritime shipping is that every decision could have substantial financial impacts. One significant error could cost a maritime organization their business, which is why risk management and operational efficiency are top of mind. These popular posts address key strategies for proactively managing risk and eliminating avoidable costs:

2.) Optimizing the Workflows of Key Maritime Stakeholders

The movement of marine voyages and cargoes is a complex function that relies upon the participation of many diverse stakeholders on both sides of the marine contract. To really get to know these unique stakeholders, how they measure success, and how their workflows intertwine with one another, we created an in depth, 4-part blog series (accompanied by an insightful on-demand webinar and eight interactive User Journeys):

3.) Data Standardization

One of the major challenges facing the maritime industry is how to break down the long-standing communication and data sharing barriers that prevent us all from the direct connectivity needed to operate with greater speed, efficiency, and accuracy. In this two-part series, CEO John Veson and CPO Eric Christofferson discuss the importance of speaking the same “digital language” and the roadmap to achieving direct digital connection:

Thank you to everyone who has followed along with us on this journey so far. We hope that the blog will continue to be a source of valuable insight, sparking meaningful conversations and creating a collaborative space for seasoned industry professionals and newcomers alike to explore, analyze, question, discover, and imagine a better future of shipping.

We look forward to exploring more exciting topics (like sustainability, integration, and more) with you in the new year! If you haven’t already, subscribe to The Logbook below to ensure you never miss out on our weekly posts.