The COVID-19 Coronavirus has swept across the globe, affecting entire countries, governments, industries, and not to mention our day-to-day lives. Restricting the spread of this viral respiratory disease, officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) last week, is at the top of the global agenda – resulting in bans, cancellations, and restrictions around travel, business, public gatherings, and more.

Amid countless industries experiencing disruptions due to COVID-19, global shipping has been one of the biggest casualties. From factory production backlogs and insufficient trucking capacity, through to canceled sailings and shipments, crew shortages and overall health and safety concerns – the industry at large is experiencing roadblocks all along the supply chain. COVID-19 is disrupting normal operations and threatening every organization’s greatest asset: a healthy, operational workforce.

In the coming months, companies will have to adopt new means of operating due to remote work policies, travel restrictions, cancelations of events and large meetings, and constrained availability of workforce, vendors, etc. Prudent organizations will continuously adapt their business continuity plans to ensure operational resiliency and uphold the highest possible health and safety standards. Successfully navigating global emergencies such as COVID-19 is contingent not only on proactive planning and evaluation, but also the proper tools to ensure continued communication, productivity, and real-time visibility into operations.

As a digital partner, Veson Nautical is committed to enabling business continuity and universal accessibility through our cloud-based solution for freight and fleet management, the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP). In times where people suddenly need to work remotely, it is critical to have fast and easy access to business-critical operations across global workforces. In today’s economy, virtually every organization is connected to or dependent on others, such as vendors, suppliers, and service providers. When global emergencies disrupt business as usual, maritime professionals need real-time visibility into changes taking place in the market and in their own operations. We at Veson are proud to support our clients in this time of uncertainty, as well as times of uncertainty ahead, by providing one standard, digital platform for safe and efficient business processes.

Veson Nautical’s Response to COVID-19

At Veson, we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that we are proactively safeguarding the health of our global workforce and client community. Veson Nautical will remain fully operational, but all work will be done remotely. Veson is well-equipped with robust digital tools which enable our teams to efficiently and effectively deliver client engagements remotely. This will ensure that all new and existing services engagements and client communications can proceed as planned, while eliminating any health and safety risks associated with in-person contact. We are dedicated to supporting our clients throughout this time, and remain fully operational to remotely serve our community.

Veson will regularly monitor the status of this pandemic as it evolves, consulting resources from the World Health Organization, the US CDC, and the local and federal governments of the regions in which we operate. We will progress our action plan appropriately to meet the needs of evolving social, economic, and business realities as they relate to the virus, operating with an abundance of caution in the face of uncertain facts.

Despite the circumstances of this unprecedented situation, we remain wholly dedicated to our team, clients, partners, and broader community. Our commitment to propel maritime commerce is stronger than ever, and we look forward to working closely with our community to navigate uncertainty together.