Veson University (VU), a one-of-a-kind maritime educational portal, launched nearly three years ago with a broad offering of courseware to walk learners through the Veson Nautical solutions on a ‘by module’ basis. We started out with twenty free courses focusing on core modules and features within the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP), from Chartering and the Voyage Estimator to basic system configuration and Analytics.

Since then, Veson University has expanded in quite a few ways. We have integrated micro-learning in the form of educational articles hosted on the VU Blog and offer virtual instructor-led trainings (VILT) focused on two of the most popular VIP features from an educational perspective, Task & Alerts and Reporting.

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of learners to fine tune the courseware and introduce new learning opportunities. This blog will explore what’s new with Veson’s educational portal, VU, and how we are evolving to better serve the diverse learners that make up the maritime shipping industry.

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Taking a Role-Centered Approach

As our audiences’ spectrum grows, we organically, yet consciously, reshape our methodologies to reflect a new role-centered approach to meeting their needs. We started by thoroughly assessing the learners’ roles in each organizational department for each sector of the shipping industry. By identifying the diverse roles and needs of our learners, we can tailor existing and new courseware to meet their unique requirements. This way, we can curate our catalogue and create Learning Paths for each role and level of experience within VIP.

By the end of the year, Veson University will have evolved into an e-learning platform that focuses on delivering the tailored content needed for maritime shipping professionals to enhance their skillset. The most exciting part of this transformation is our commitment to designing and delivering new Certification programs for VIP users.

Hear From Our Learners

What our learners are saying about the Voyage and Operation Types for Vessel Owners course:

“The content is immediately useable in my day-to-day operations” – Jan H.

“This course was very helpful in breaking down maritime concepts into simple terms.” – Sajeed G.

What our learners are saying about the Voyage & Operation Types for Time Charter Operators course:

“Great course! It helped me to enhance my knowledge in Chartering procedures.” – Sarbajit S.

“It was a thorough course which was a great learning experience.” – Sean G.

New Learning Projects Designed for You

This year, there is a major focus on enhancing the Financials learning module and delivering content for roles such as the General Accountant and the Accounting Manager. We will be building on a strong foundation of two courses released last year that completed the Financials Onboarding Learning Path: the Snapshots Overview course and the Understanding Voyage Profit and Loss course. The Snapshots Overview explains how to work with P&L snapshots and analyze the derived data and the Understanding Voyage Profit and Loss completes the fundamental concepts of the voyage P&L analysis for accountants.

In addition to these courses, we plan to enrich the Financials catalogue with more refined courses, such as the “Overview for Accountants – Financial Module” and the “Financial Built-In Reports” courses. Above all, we are thrilled to be releasing the first Certification for the Financials module! This General Accounting User Certification is centered around the General Accountant role and consists of entry-level and intermediate courses such as the Month-End Close Basics and the Understanding Voyage Profit and Loss.

Another impactful learning project is the VIP Trading Onboarding Learning Path, which will lead the way to more sophisticated role-based courseware, such as for Risk Analysts and Derivatives Traders. We have released the first course, Elements of Trading, which aims to familiarize the learner with the theory of derivative products and the market participants’ need to protect their physical trade positions against market volatility and unexpected risk. The subsequent courses to follow will be an introduction to the VIP Trading & Risk module and standard trading workflows, from creating a bunker swap contract to assessing your market positions in VIP.

Finally, we have been working hard to create new content focused on Voyage Operations. As a result of learner feedback, we will be revamping the Voyage Manager Overview course to be more role-centric by splitting the content up by voyage types and stages. Depending on your role, you will be able to access relevant content to obtain the skills needed to perform tasks in Voyage Manager and VIP.

This is a very exciting time to engage with Veson University as we continue to build out more diversified courses and certifications built with modern design methodologies in mind. More than ever, we are committed to designing learning experiences that enhance VIP users’ performance by offering our clients complimentary courses, learning paths and certifications, and individual and enterprise subscriptions (Veson University Enterprise). Explore Veson University for yourself by clicking below.