Bring new visibility to ship-to-ship transfers

Optimize operations for complex, multi-part lightering voyages

The IMOS Platform’s Lightering module offers excellent visibility and control over multi-part lightering voyages and ship-to-ship transfers through one, dynamic operational workspace.

With IMOS Lightering, you can:

Icon Manage Information Seamlessly

Achieve dynamic visibility and control into multi-part lightering voyages

Icon Integrate Seamlessly

Streamline complex ship-to-ship transfer workflows with automated workflows

Icon Opportunity To Differentiate

Efficiently adjust and optimize lightering assignments

Icon Collaborate With Colleagues

Collaborate with lightering operations stakeholders in one, centralized workspace

Icon Access Insights Tools Anywhere

Access the information and tools you need from anywhere in the world

Manage ship-to-ship transfers wih IMOS Lightering

Lightering Master Contract

The Lightering Master Contract in IMOS Lightering enables you to centrally access all of the information you need, including lifting information, overtime rate, bunker adjustments, lightering zones, river differential, nomination, and more.

Imos Lightering Lightering Master Contract 01
Imos Lightering Integrated Jobs Grid 01

Integrated Jobs Grid

The integrated Jobs List empowers you to quickly and easily adjust lightering assignments within a comprehensive view of all lightering jobs and ship-to-ship transfers associated with the Master Contract.

Complete STBL Tracking

Comprehensive STBL tracking makes it possible to manage the flow of cargo to and from each STBL on a granular basis, while easily tracking and assigning costs to all linked lightering voyages.

Imos Lightering Complete Stbl Tracking 01
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“Overall, our system has helped ‘harmonize’ our business operations, deliver efficiencies by linking disparate system, and provide transparency of information throughout the voyage lifecycle.”

Business Applications Leader at AET
Bertling Decisions Made In Minutes

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