Streamline vessel pool management and provide visibility to pool members

Enhance efficiency and connectivity at the same time

The IMOS Platform’s Pooling module streamlines traditional vessel pool management and reporting processes while enabling pool managers to improve relationships with their members through complete transparency and a single source of truth.

With IMOS Pooling, you can:

Icon Optimize Voyage Performance

Streamline vessel pool management with dynamic, purpose-built tools

Icon Integrate Seamlessly

Improve accuracy with automated maritime pool point distribution

Icon Grow Your Visibility

Provide full transparency to members with integrated voyage pool reporting

Icon Collaborate With Colleagues

Connect with relevant counterparties through one, centralized workspace

Icon Access Insights Tools Anywhere

Effectively manage your pools from anywhere in the world

Expertly manage vessel pools and keep partners informed

Automated Pool Point Distribution Calculation

IMOS Pooling allows you to ensure your pool maintains an equitable distribution by providing the ability to automatically assign and distribute pool points to participating vessels based on real-time Voyage P&L data.

Imos Pooling Automated Pool Point Distribution Calculation 01
Imos Pooling Efficient Financial Management 01

Efficient Financial Management

IMOS Pooling is designed to help you achieve accurate dispersals by calculating pool earnings and losses over the distribution period and allocating them to each vessel owner based on automatic monthly snapshots.

Integrated Performance Reporting

Integrating performance reports helps strengthen your counterparty relationships by performing vessel pool reporting in real time and sharing data on pool performance with all relevant stakeholders through one, connected workspace.

Imos Pooling Automated Pool Point Distribution Calculation 1 01
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“[The Veson IMOS Platform] was better for our own workflows, but also better for our pool partners; the decision [to move to IMOS] showed them we were investing in our technology and systems in order to offer the best service.”

Guy Murphy | Operations Lead
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