Commodities Traders

Accurately evaluating open opportunities basis the market is a critical aspect of commodity risk management. The Veson IMOS Platform helps commodities traders identify the most profitable marine freight deals while mitigating market risk.

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Solutions for Commodities Traders
Best-in-Class Voyage Estimation
Combine best-in-class voyage estimation with a full, detailed contract capture – delivering the insight your team needs to take advantage of every market opportunity.
• Accurately calculate freight rates and TCE based on historical performance, market data, integrated distance tables, and a complete granular Profit & Loss.
• Evaluate multiple voyage scenarios simultaneously.
• Toggle between views for rapid high-level quotes and detailed analysis.
Market Exposure
Integrated market data feeds and forward curves help you manage your daily position and mitigate risk.
• Automatically mark-to-market all physical contracts against daily freight and bunker indices.
• Capture and settle paper trades with links to physical contracts.
• Dynamically calculate your long and short positions across all counterparties, contract types, and time buckets.
Schedule Optimization
Dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of your best vessel/best cargo analysis by leveraging our proprietary optimization algorithm. With a push of a button, you can:
• Maximize utilization of vessel fleet, cargo turnaround, and freight revenue, while minimizing cost.
• Improve accuracy of forward planning by minimizing fixture cancellations.
• Accelerate deal flow with direct fixture creation and operator handoff.
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