At first, Veson University was an aspiration of ours. Then, it became reality. And now, it’s become a dynamic mission.

It is our Veson Education Services team’s mission to empower Veson clients by providing them with the learning tools they need to optimize processes and improve their experience with the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP). By implementing best practices across your organization in a centralized manner, you take a purpose-driven approach to digitalization and future-proof your business by properly training and upskilling your workforce. This increases the ROI of your system and empowers your greatest resource, your people, to grow and excel.

In today’s blog post, we will explore some new releases and features available to you at Veson University and discuss how to implement a continuous learning strategy that scales.

A Dynamic Learning Experience That Evolves with Your Needs

It’s been six months since we launched Veson University, and in that time we have leveraged the continuous and productive feedback which we have received from over 400 active learners to tailor an agile, contemporary, learner-centric  experience for our clients. We take our clients and their education very seriously, and we work hard to make every user feel like a superuser. By collaborating with SMEs across the global Veson community, we can distill extensive expertise and knowledge into the Veson University courses.

Committed to our mission, in 2021 we will be releasing monthly learning content which will include free shipping concepts courses, articles about the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) and the shipping industry, and new, enhanced courses which will guide all your users from basic to more complex features and workflows.

Our new courses and enterprise-level offering are designed to align with changing learner landscapes by incorporating:

  • Complementary audio on most course pages to enable mobility during learning
  • Short, “How To” video guides to enhance familiarization with day-to-day workflows within VIP
  • Designated space in Veson University where your organization can upload its own training material, such as PDF files, videos, and more
  • Integration with LMS platforms
  • Customized dashboards to make each learner’s experience more unique and personalized
  • Reporting tools to ensure learners’ engagement with the courses and easily track their progress
  • Additional reading resources included in every course to link what has been learned with the Veson Knowledge Base
  • New smart quizzes to allow for learning validation

Based on reviews left by a wide array of learners, clients are loving the way Veson University is evolving to provide a dynamic learning experience through diverse, in-depth courses that are “impressively well done” with a “good balance of information and application” where learners can “get a glimpse into simulated working environments.”

A Continuous Learning Strategy That Scales

Utilizing digital solutions and technologies, Veson University offers a plethora of learning content, making it the go-to platform for a broad spectrum, from the new employee onboarding path to opportunities for continuous learning and knowledge sharing among teams.

We combine our passion to propagate knowledge and our long-standing expertise in maritime shipping and digital technology with contemporary learning trends and your own unique expertise for an enterprise-wide learning strategy that scales. The key is our Veson University Enterprise offering, which enables you to implement a succinct, company-wide learning tool that incorporates both VIP-based and your own industry-based knowledge.

With a rich and in-depth catalogue of courses, certifications to validate learning, and customization that tailors to your needs, you can enhance every single user’s efficiency with instant access to courses, videos, and articles no matter where they are, at their own pace, and in line with your unique business processes and strategic goals.