Shape stronger decisions and strategies with commodities market intelligence.

Enable flexible, integrated analyses with robust insight on the bulk commodities markets.

In the face of outsized volatility, evolving industry dynamics, and complex requirements, the importance of high-integrity market data that can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems, models, and analyses has never been greater. Oceanbolt’s flexible, REST-based APIs and SDKs enable you to easily integrate Oceanbolt data with your core internal systems to optimize decision making.

With Oceanbolt Enterprise APIs, you can:

Icon Strengthen Decisions

Examine long-term market trends and shape commercial strategies that are competitively distinct.

Icon Timescale

Integrate Oceanbolt historical and real-time data directly into your internal systems.

Icon Algorithm

Harness a simple-to-use REST-based API to automate data access and standardization.

Icon Exchange Information

Develop standardized models that combine Oceanbolt data with other data sources to improve forecasting.

Ensure Your Intelligence is Ready to Make an Impact

Access structured and standardized data.

Oceanbolt insights are delivered through Oceanbolt’s APIs and SDKs as structured data built to inform commodity trading and maritime freight systems, models, and analyses, so you can spend your time on analysis rather than data cleaning and structuring. 

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Integrate with a Broad Range of Systems.

Oceanbolt’s APIs make integrating with your systems, models, and analytics tools seamless, flexible, and easy. Our clients harness Oceanbolt market intelligence with Python SDK, R SDK, Microsoft PowerBI, and Tableau, among others. 

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