Maritime Risk Management

Proactively Manage Exposure with a Maritime Trading & Risk Solution

Each day, maritime businesses are subject to fluctuating exposure due to constant changes in freight rates, bunker fuel prices, vessel values, time charters, and more. This market volatility challenges shipowners, operators, commodities traders, and tonnage charterers to proactively measure and manage their market exposure and risk. With outsized market volatility, employing a dynamic, integrated maritime trading and risk solution has never been more important.

At Veson Nautical, we empower risk managers to dynamically visualize how market shifts affect their freight and bunker exposure. Our Veson IMOS Platform’s (VIP’s) Trading & Risk module integrates seamlessly with the rest of your workflow and automatically combines planned and actual voyage results with external price feeds so risk managers can accurately assess the commercial performance of every voyage.

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Is the amount spot rates are up in some trade lanes in 2020 due to capacity cuts.1

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Proactive Risk Management in a Volatile World

Transform the Way you Manage Maritime Risk

The VIP Trading & Risk module provides risk managers a solution to proactively mitigate exposure by simplifying the measurement and analysis of market risk. Learn how.
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Use Case

Measuring & Managing Exposure in Maritime Shipping

Bring New Efficiency & Effectiveness to Maritime Risk Management

Risk managers and freight traders face outsized risk due to high market volatility. Learn about the top challenges they face, and how they stand to benefit from an integrated digital solution for risk management.
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Interactive Tool

Freight Trader User Journey

Maritime Risk Management Just Got Easier

Explore this user journey and see firsthand how VIP can transform your daily risk management workflows with a powerful suite of tools that has earned the trust of 18,000+ users worldwide.
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