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Streamline short-sea and tow voyage management.

Bring complete visibility and control to short-sea and tow voyages with a centralized activity log, full contract capture, and integrated fuel consumption tracking. It’s all part of Barging with the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP).

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Manage the intricacies of short-sea and tow voyages.

The Veson IMOS Platform’s (VIP’s) Barging module equips operators with the centralized, timely insights they need to commercially manage short-sea and tow voyages with ease while maintaining complete continuity with the rest of the maritime workflow.

With VIP Barging, you can:

Discern the minutiae of short-sea and tow voyages.

Balance complexities across vessel, leg, and contract details.

Establish fuel consumption visibility with a solution built to track every drop.

Collaborate with your team in a centralized workspace.

Manage short-sea and tow voyage activities from anywhere in the world.

Everything you need to manage barging with ease.

Here’s some of what VIP Barging can do.

Activity Log

Maintain knowledge of all activities at all times.

The Activity Log in VIP Barging provides a real time, centralized audit of changing equipment and cargo status, enabling you to understand each leg of your voyage and stay up to date on tow progress at all times.

Activity Log Screen

Full Contract Capture Screen

Full Contract Capture

Accelerate your barging workflow.

Full Contract Capture in VIP Barging enables you to configure and streamline complex barging workflows by capturing boat and barge details in equipment contracts, tracking itinerary leg activities in operations, and accounting for hire rate differentials in financials.

Fuel Consumption Tracking

Seamlessly track fuel consumption.

Gain end-to-end visibility into fuel consumption with Fuel Consumption Tracking in VIP Barging, which enables you to compare fuel consumption per completed transit leg by equipment and between equipment owners using the built-in Bunker Interpolator.

Fuel Consumption Screen
Short Sea Shipping Requirements Quote

Veson was the most attractive solution to CSL both in terms of functional breadth, and the company’s willingness to work with us to extend the solution to address our unique short sea shipping requirements; and we felt confident about expanding our relationship with Veson Nautical.

–Steve Palmer, Director and CIO, CSL

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