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While the marine modality is vital to the businesses of global commodities producers, it remains the opaquest link in the global supply chain by far. As the maritime industry’s leading platform for the commercial management of marine cargo and fleets, the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) delivers the decision-ready data, actionable tools, and world-class vessel nomination software tonnage charterers need to fully reveal their seaborne supply chain, unlocking new efficiencies and controlling costs.

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Transform your marine supply chain with end-to-end visibility and actionable insight.

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Handle the nuances of the marine modality.

With deep expertise in both sides of the marine contract and 17,000+ users from the world’s leading tonnage charterers and carriers, Veson delivers proven business logic that has been designed exclusively for the unique nuances and realities of seaborne supply chain management. In addition to delivering a level of specialized functionality for the marine supply chain that is not achievable with a non-specialized, intermodal logistics solution, we pride ourselves on helping the entire commercial shipping ecosystem achieve new levels of efficiency and transparency.

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Manage and help reduce marine supply chain costs.

Maximizing financial efficiency of ocean transportation requires the ability to view and manage every cost for your complex marine contracts in great detail. VIP enables systematic cost reduction by providing the data needed to nominate the most cost-effective vessel, mitigate costly demurrage, accurately associate costs to the appropriate product lines, transmitting timely and accurate financial data to internal systems, benchmark your rates and performance against the market, and conduct comprehensive financial analyses on your marine supply chain. 

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Accelerate and streamline marine workflows.

Marine workflows are uniquely complex, with a multitude of communications, systems, and stakeholders that make operational efficiency and comprehensive seaborne supply chain visibility a challenge. Through modern workspaces and messaging capabilities, VIP serves as a living workbench to increase team communication and coordination around the marine modality and ensure comprehensive visibility over cargo throughout the voyage lifecycle. VIP’s robust contract management capabilities and seamless integration reduce information gaps, enhance data integrity, and establish a single source of the truth. 

Some of Our Tonnage Charterer Clients Include:
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For us to have everything accessible in just one place from voyage estimations to fixtures, distance calculator, and vessel´s P&L has been key. This allows us to be more agile in the decision making process and makes collaboration easier, especially when we must be remote.

-Marta Conde de la Rica,
Chartering, Repsol

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