Vessel Charterers

As a vessel charterer, you need the ability to rapidly analyze voyage opportunities in order to make optimal decisions. The Veson IMOS Platform provides charterers with the tools they need to effectively manage opportunities from contract through voyage close – maximizing profitability in any market.

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Solutions for Vessel Charterers
Best-of-Breed Voyage Estimation
Our comprehensive voyage estimator combines intuitive, visual estimates with detailed contract capture – empowering your team to take advantage of every opportunity.
• Rapidly generate estimates in a high-level view, or understand the granular specifics of your contract in a detailed view.
• Accurately calculate freight rates and TCE based on historical performance, market data, integrated distance tables, and a complete granular Profit & Loss.
• Evaluate multiple voyage scenarios simultaneously, to identify the most profitable opportunity.
Intuitive Voyage Scheduling
The Scheduling workspace presents charterers with a consolidated view of all actionable vessel and cargo positions – leveraging cutting-edge technology to increase the speed and accuracy of your best vessel/best cargo analysis.
• Fix business directly from the drag-and-drop schedule, accelerating fixture creation and operator handoff.
• Understand the cascading effects of every chartering decision, informed by vessel contract pricing and cargo opportunities, updated in real-time.
• Leverage an intuitive, visual interface to quickly assess prospective voyages.
Integrated Voyage Management
Efficiently manage all voyage activities, with granular visibility into all voyage details – enabling your team to make informed decisions at the pace of business.
• Directly connect your prefixture and postfixture teams in one central system, maximizing data integrity while minimizing duplication of effort.
• Access all business-critical data from an integrated voyage manager workspace, including details on itinerary, ETA, bunker planning, and more.
• Ensure compliance with voyage workflows through integrated Tasks & Alerts functionality.
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