IMO 2020 Webinar On-Demand

Navigating the New Regulation

IMO 2020 Webinar On-Demand

The IMO has released a new regulation (referred to as “IMO 2020”) designed to reduce marine sector emissions in international waters by 80% starting Jan 1, 2020. As more fuel grades enter the market and the shipping industry prepares for change, users need the ability to efficiently manage and track fuel consumption; understand scrubber allowance regulations based on geographic position; and gain visibility into bunker inventory, costs, and scrubber utilization.

Ship operators need to find a solution not only to navigate the changing regulatory landscape, but also to seamlessly transition from current consumption management practices to those required from 2020 and beyond.

Veson Nautical has developed a comprehensive and simple digital solution to help operators reach compliance with minimal overhead. We recently demonstrated this solution in a webinar.  

Watch this informational webinar in order to: 

  • Learn more about the IMO 2020 regulations and their anticipated impact on buyers and sellers of marine freight.
  • See a demonstration of the software solutions Veson Nautical has developed to address the regulatory changes.
  • Understand how leading maritime organizations can navigate the changing landscape not only to comply with new regulations, but also to gain a competitive advantage.

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