Strengthening the Seaborne Supply Chain Webinar On-Demand

Vast Visibility, Deep Insight, and the Need for a Specialized Approach to Your Marine Modality

Strengthening the Seaborne Supply Chain Webinar On-Demand

90 percent of products are transported by sea at some point in their journey through the supply chain. Despite its critical role, the marine modality is the least visible link in the global supply chain. For tonnage charterers, this lack of visibility translates into trouble meeting internal and external deadlines, managing marine-related costs, and maintaining continuity across stakeholders.

In this On-Demand Webinar, commercial maritime technologists and client success specialists from Veson Nautical discuss key characteristics of today’s commercial supply chain, and the digital revolution in progress, why a generic, multi-modal supply chain solution can’t service marine-specific needs, the role of cloud technology and modern collaboration tools in bringing this strategy to life, and how tonnage charterers can optimize their seaborne supply chains with a specialized approach.

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